What happened to the McReary family after GTA 4?

The McReary Family didn't fare well during and after GTA 4 (Image via Rockstar Games)
The McReary Family didn't fare well during and after GTA 4 (Image via Rockstar Games)
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The McReary family is a tragic example of a fallen empire; once a powerful organization in GTA 4, most of them ended up dead or in prison.

Despite their Irish upbringing, luck is not on their side. The McReary family has suffered countless losses throughout the years. With a rough upbringing by an abusive father, the majority of the McReary family is messed up. GTA 4 is none too kind to them in the main story.

By the time GTA 5 arrived, only Packie ended up in a good position. Derrick is already dead, Gerald is imprisoned for life, and the remaining members have unresolved fates. Nonetheless, it doesn't look too good for them. The McReary family are completely dysfunctional.

The McReary family - what happened to them after the end of GTA 4?


Given there are player choices in GTA 4, the fate of a few McReary members is obscure. Rockstar Games have left it up to the players to decide. Nonetheless, GTA 5 does provide a glimpse of what happened to the family since 2008. For the most part, it's not sunshine or rainbows.

Maureen and Mr. McReary


The father had already killed himself several years prior to GTA 4. None of his children seemingly care for his death, considering his sexually abusive nature. Since most of the McReary family are devout Catholics, they believe he is rotting in Hell somewhere.

Meanwhile, the mother will go through heartbreaking losses in GTA 4. At least one family member will die by the end of the story. It's quite possible, although not confirmed, that she is deceased by GTA 5. There is only so much an elderly person can take in their lifetime.

Patrick McReary


Better known by his nickname Packie, he is one of the most popular GTA 4 characters. Along with Niko Bellic, he provides good assistance during gunfights. However, when the McReary family suffers one tragic loss after another, he decides to depart for Los Santos.

It seems Packie is the only one confirmed to make it out alive. He can be randomly encountered in GTA 5, where he tries to rob a store in Strawberry. Canonly, the player saves him considering Packie took part in GTA Online.

At the end of the GTA 4 DLC episode Ballad of Gay Tony, Packie is seen heading to the airport. He proved to be a useful crew member for the heist missions, given his gunman skills. During GTA Online, he appeared in the Diamond Casino Heist update, once again serving as a crew member.

Kate McReary


Unlike most of the McReary family, Kate refuses to partake in criminal activities. However, she is fully aware of what her family does. GTA 4 players can optionally date her, although she refuses to sleep with Niko.

Both of them do care for one another, as they share many personal stories.

GTA 4 has two endings which determine her fate - taking Revenge or accepting a Deal. The former will result in Kate's accidental death in an assassination plot. Meanwhile, she dumps Niko in the latter ending, given she cannot stand his greedy decision. No matter what, Kate never gets with Niko.

There is an Easter egg in GTA 5 that implies Roman is alive and well; Niko wishes him a happy birthday on his LifeInvader page.

If taken seriously, this suggests Kate's death might be the canon ending of GTA 4. Given her lack of a criminal record, perhaps she was too good for this world.

Francis McReary


Somehow, a deputy commissioner is more sleazy than the criminal he is trying to catch. Francis forces Niko to carry out his dirty work, under the guise of "cleaning up the streets." Of course, GTA 4 players know better.

Niko is not the only one who dislikes Francis. He is seemingly despised by most of his family, his so-called friends in the department, and possibly the GTA 4 player. Eventually, Francis and Derrick have a falling out - both of them task Niko to kill the other in the mission Blood Brothers.

While GTA 5 does confirm Derrick is dead, the cause was never revealed. It remains an open-ended question. Should the player spare Francis, it's likely he rose to the ranks of Commissioner.

If he dies, nobody will mourn his death at his own funeral (with exception of his mother).

Derrick McReary


No matter what, Derrick doesn't stand a chance at surviving past GTA 4. His drug addiction leaves him a broken man with self-destructive habits. Derrick's bitter rivalry with Francis means they are willing to kill each other, despite their family ties. It's a terrible situation.

GTA 5 confirms his death after Patrick brings him up in passing. What remains unknown is how Derrick ended up dying. Since players have to decide whether to kill Francis or Derrick, there are two possibilities.

If Niko takes out Francis, it's highly likely Derrick had died through a bad combination of age and drug abuse. However, if Niko kills Derrick instead, there are several tragic layers to it.

Not only would it emotionally destroy Packie, he would never find out about Niko's involvement.

Gerald McReary


Gerald was once the proud leader of the McReary crime family. However, just as he revives their fallen reputation, he ends up arrested. Eventually, he realizes he won't be getting out of prison anytime soon.

The GTA 4 player can still perform missions for him while he's in prison. Unfortunately for Gerald, it turns out he may serve up to 50 years in the penitentiary.

His criminal aspirations have left him with nothing but a long prison sentence. It was a tough break for the former head of the McReary family.

Presumably after the events of GTA 4, Gerald is still incarcerated. Packie makes no mention of him in GTA 5. It's unknown who took over the crime family in Liberty City, given Packie is no longer there.

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