GTA San Andreas modder proves why original game is still better than Definitive Edition remaster

This is a pretty amazing GTA SA mod (Images via Sportskeeda)
This is a pretty amazing GTA SA mod (Images via Sportskeeda)

Although it's been over half a year since the GTA Trilogy was released, many players still suffer from the utter disappointment they felt when they finally got to play this highly anticipated game for the first time.

Rockstar Games did try to fix most problems plaguing it by releasing many new updates and patches. However, for some fans, these fixes will never redeem the quality of the GTA Trilogy.

Furthermore, among the three titles in the trilogy, GTA San Andreas was arguably the one that suffered with most bugs and crashes. Hence, most users are angry as the original game has been hailed as one of the best in the GTA series.

So, it makes sense that one fan took it upon themselves to provide the community with a fantastic mod that optimizes the graphical quality of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas while keeping the original visual aesthetic of the game intact.

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This GTA SA mod provides players with better graphical experience than GTA Trilogy


The mod pack showcased in this video was created by flyaway888. It has improved the textures of the original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and upscaled it over six times, thus making a much sharper appearance.

It should also be noted that at first glance, many gamers might not see much difference in the graphics, which was done intentionally as this mod focuses more on the minute details than the major ones. Hence, it retains the original quality of the game way better than the Grand Theft Auto trilogy.

This mod feels like a true remaster of the original title as it retains the integrity of the visuals and design. Moreover, the original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is already a fantastic game, never needing a heavily remastered version.

This game has solidified itself as an essential milestone in gaming history that does not require a significant graphical overhaul. It has aged pretty well considering other games released in the same year.

Features of mod

Created by modder ‘flyaway888’, this pack aimed to overhaul all of the game's textures, and its final version is available now for download.... #grandtheftautosanandreas…

The mod pack is called GTA San Andreas HD - Optimized Textures and has three parts that players must download to experience this mod fully. The first part uses reshade filters, which makes it look very close to the original title and provides users with the high definition quality they expect from a remaster.

The second part upscales the game to give it a sharper look, but again it is not a UHD mod but rather one that highlights many little details not visible in the original. Finally, the third part of this mod pack helps reduce the fogginess of the original and creates more uniformity.

This mod creates a crisp appearance (Images via Grand Theft Auto HD Play)
This mod creates a crisp appearance (Images via Grand Theft Auto HD Play)

In the end, it is safe to say that the mod intends to boost the game's visual quality while keeping it as close to the original as possible. Hence, this is perfect for gamers who want to play the original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas while experiencing some improvements that do not change the entire visual look but rather make it more detailed and immersive.

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