How GTA San Andreas players can get the Hoopin’ It Up achievement in the Definitive Edition

CJ is just practicing his game in GTA San Andreas (Image via Sportskeeda)
CJ is just practicing his game in GTA San Andreas (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA San Andreas players need to step onto the court if they want to complete the Hoopin' It Up achievement.

Basketball is an exclusive feature in this particular game. GTA San Andreas players can always go for the highest score possible. The game does keep track of their progress, especially with the challenge mode. If the player scores 30 points, they will unlock the Hoopin' it Up achievement.

For some players, this can be one of the hardest trophies to collect. Basketball is a completely optional game with a simplistic control scheme. Nonetheless, scoring 30 points can be tricky with a strict time limit. GTA San Andreas players need to practice their shots if they want to complete Hoopin' it Up.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: Getting the Hoopin’ It Up achievement


In order to play basketball, players must first complete the mission Tagging Up Turf. They also need to find a basketball court, which are very common in Los Santos. GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition offers a hard challenge with their Hoopin' It Up achievement, but it can be done.

How to play basketball in GTA San Andreas


It's important for players to learn the rules before they attempt this challenge. When the player picks up a basketball, the game will give them directions via text blocks. It's a very simplistic game in GTA San Andreas.

CJ will automatically pick up a basketball if he stands near it. Players can shoot their shots and attempt to earn points. Distance is a very important factor when lining up each shot. More importantly, accuracy can be determined by how the player holds down their buttons.

Hoopin' It Up requires players to perform the challenge mode. They will have to score 30 points before the time limit runs out. GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition gives them one minute to complete the challenge. Players also have to shoot from marked locations on the basketball court.

Acquiring the Hoopin' It Up achievement


There is a very useful trick to basketball shots in GTA San Andreas, as demonstrated by the above video. When players trigger the shoot button, they need to release it right after CJ jumps. This will significantly increase the accuracy of each basketball shot.

After the player throws the ball, they need to pick it back up immediately. The next red marker will show up on the court. Players need to be mindful of their positioning whenever they play basketball. These red markers will change their locations after every point.

The Hoopin' It Up achievement only requires 30 points in total. There isn't a lot of time in this challenge, but players can add a few extra seconds if they make their shots. Once the player gets 30 points, they can either exit the game or keep playing. The Hoopin' It Up achievement has now been completed.

Players are now one step closer to all the achievements


GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition has a long list of available achievements. Hoopin' It Up just so happens to be one of the harder ones. With a little bit of practice, the player can finally earn this achievement.

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