Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode in GTA Online: All you need to know

Hasta La Vista in GTA Online (Image via
Hasta La Vista in GTA Online (Image via
Viren Mirpuri

Hasta La Vista is the 3X GTA$ and RP missions in GTA Online for this week. These missions are a part of the Adversary Mode, and players can play them to make some quick GTA$.

GTA Online updates its 2X/3X missions every Thursday. The bonus GTA$ and RP missions for September 16 to September 23 is Hasta La Vista.

Everything to know about Hasta La Vista, the 3X GTA$ and RP missions in GTA Online

How to start the Adversary Mode mission

To start the Hasta La Vista mission, gamers need to press the pause button and go to the Online section. Here, they can select Jobs and go to the Rockstar Created jobs.

Under the Rockstar Created jobs menu, players have to go to the Adversary Mode option to find the Hasta La Vista mission.

Another way for GTA Online users to launch the mission is by using their phone in-game and selecting the Play Quick Job option. In this menu, they must scroll to the featured series, which is always the 2x/3x GTA$ and RP missions.

Objective for the mission

In the Hasta La Vista Adversary Mode, players are split into two teams. One side needs to get on cycles and reach a finish point while the other team is in trucks, and their objective is to stop the cyclists from reaching the destination.

For the trucker team to win, they need to stop the cyclists from reaching the destination for five minutes. The truckers can also kill the cyclists for them to win. Just knocking them off the cycles won't do the job.

The teams switch sides every round, and both sides get a turn at being cyclists and truckers.

The payout

Gamers can decide how many rounds to play to determine the victor. The usual payout for these missions with 3X GTA$ is around $8,570 for the winner. The loser gets $5,000 for a round of one to two minutes.

If users stretch the rounds to 4-5 minutes, winners can make $24,000, and the loser $12,000.

The Hasta La Vista is an excellent way to make money this week and is a pretty fun mission overall. Players can reap the 3x benefits this week, and Rockstar will update these missions for GTA Online on September 23.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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