Here are the new GTA contract missions from the Los Santos Tuners update

Los Santos Tuners has new contract missions available (Image via Rockstar Games)
Los Santos Tuners has new contract missions available (Image via Rockstar Games)

The streets of Los Santos are about to be paved with skid marks; the new GTA Online update offers players more contract missions.

Los Santos Tuners is as great a place as any to make good money. American DJ Moodymann makes his return here to the underground racing scene. Along with Sessanta, he provides GTA Online players with several new contract missions. These tend to be small-scale heists with smaller payouts.

These multi-part heists are available on the Job Board at the Auto Shop property. Players can plan out these missions during free mode. Each contract has a final job to perform. Right now, there are six in total. However, Rockstar Games is going to add more in future updates.

These are the six new GTA contract missions in the Los Santos Tuners update

Put the metal to the pedal (Image via Wallpaper Cave)
Put the metal to the pedal (Image via Wallpaper Cave)

Los Santos Tuners provides GTA Online players with new robbery missions. There are six as of this writing: the Superdollar Deal, the Bank Contract, the ECU Job, the Prison Contract, the Agency Deal, and the Data Contract. Note that each mission requires the use of a fast-paced vehicle.

The Superdollar Deal

Players need to stop a military convoy and steal the product they are transporting. These printing plates are a lucrative means of making money, which is why the payout tends to be higher than other contract missions. The payment amounts to a sizable $185,000.

Setup missions involve two specific tasks - players need to acquire a tracking device and virus software. Once they complete these objectives, they can attack the convoy, steal the plates, and deliver it to the client.

The Bank Contract

Players need to hit Fleeca Banks from all over the GTA map, such as the ones in Los Santos and Blaine County. There are two setup missions. The first requires the use of thermal charges to blow up vault doors. Meanwhile, the second has players installing signal jammers at each bank location.

The overall payment should cost around $178,000. Since the alarms will be disabled, it will give players enough time to steal as much cash as they can. They need to make sure they outrun law enforcement.

The ECU Job

In this dangerous heist, GTA Online players have to jump onto a moving freight train. They must steal engine control units, which are standalone prototypes worth a lot of money.

The total payment is about $172,000. At the very least, it's not like the infamously difficult Wrong Side of the Track from GTA San Andreas.

Players must first identify the train inventory before the heist takes place. After doing so, they must learn the routing schedule and figure out a way to stall the train. The robbery itself requires players to shoot down the brake cylinders, then take off with the product as police arrive.

The Prison Contract

GTA Online players must once again get themselves involved in the prison system. There are a few targets that need to be taken care of. Sessanta has a cousin, Lil' Dee, who can help identify them. Players need to find an access point and get over the perimeter fence of this penitentiary.

This contract mission offers a payout of $175,000. Once the player eliminates the target prisoners, they have to rescue Lil' Dee from a bus and take him to a safe location. Players should stay in their bullet-proof vehicles at all times, given how much gunfire there is from prison security.

The Agency Deal

The Agency deal is one of the best paying contract missions for this GTA Online update. Players can receive $182,000 when they successfully complete it. The mission involves stealing back a stolen narcotics recipe.

Players can find the dealer located in a heavily guarded IAA facility.

First, the GTA player must figure out a way to gain entry. Once they find a security pass, they can perform a daring raid on the IAA facility. The contract mission involves more on-foot combat, but they will need to make a getaway with a fast vehicle.

It's a good thing Los Santos Tuners has plenty of them.

The Data Contract

Merryweather can't seem to catch a break. There is a powerful CEO who runs a base of operations somewhere. GTA players must find it, clear out security, and retrieve secret files.

It's a combat-heavy mission, so players should stock up on supplies. The Data Contract gives a payment of $170,000.

Once the GTA players figure out where the safehouse is, they must gather equipment to defend against enemy retaliation. Players are expected to use heavy gunfire for this particular mission.

As long as the player gets the files and protects the hacker Avi Schwartzman, they should be good to go.

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