5 memorable vehicles that belonged to GTA side characters

Big Smoke driving an early version of his Glendale (Image via Rockstar Games)
Big Smoke driving an early version of his Glendale (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Given the open-world gameplay of the GTA series, driving can be the best method of transportation.

It's not just the main GTA characters who have their own ride. Even those in a supporting role have a personal vehicle of their choosing. If a player needs to get from Point A to Point B, sometimes these side characters will lend a hand.

These vehicles are often synonymous with them.

Whether it's for transportation or a transfer of goods, these vehicles offer a wide range of services. Many side characters use them for their own needs, which can often be seen in missions.

As a result, GTA players better get used to seeing these memorable vehicles.

Five recognizable vehicles from GTA side characters

#5 - Ryder

Ryder's Picador (Image via GTA Forums)
Ryder's Picador (Image via GTA Forums)

This brown-colored pickup truck often spawns right in front of Ryder's house. Even after his eventual death, it will still be there on occasion. It's used in most of his missions where CJ needs to get somewhere.

The license plate on the Picador reads SHERM. It's a reference to Ryder's habitual drug use, specifically marijuana. CJ outright calls him that right before he kills him in Pier 69, a much later mission.

Among the speedrunning community, there is a well-known saying - "why did they blow up Ryder's car?" This often happens during the Ryder mission where players destroy his Picador.

The reason for this is because it allows speedrunners to skip a cut-scene later, thereby saving time.

#4 - Big Smoke

Big Smoke's Glendale (Image via
Big Smoke's Glendale (Image via

Big Smoke's signature vehicle plays a key role in multiple GTA San Andreas missions. Recognizable by its light blue color scheme, his Glendale made several appearances throughout the first act of Los Santos.

Ultimately, his Glendale meets an untimely demise in Reuniting the Families. During an epic chase sequence, Grove Street Families bailed out the vehicle before it crashed through a billboard. This isn't the first time Big Smoke has had his vehicle blown up, either. He has the worst luck in this regard.

Originally, the Glendale was supposed to be gray instead of the light-blue color it's known for. Due to a typo in the file name (it uses a dot instead of a comma), the Glendale uses a different color than intended.

#3 - Hilary King

Hilary King's Sabre Turbo (Image via Fandom Spot)
Hilary King's Sabre Turbo (Image via Fandom Spot)

Hilary King is an exceptional driver known for his skills in street races. Most of it can be contributed to the Sabre Turbo, however. It's a high-powered sports car with excellent top speed, acceleration, and turning.

Identifiable by its orange tint and white stripe, this sports car only spawns when GTA players complete the second list from Sunshine Autos. Hilary King used this vehicle during The Driver mission, where Tommy Vercetti had to beat him in a street race. Unfortunately, it's much easier said than done.

What makes Hilary King annoying to deal with is that he drives a much faster vehicle than the GTA player is given. Even worse, players have to deal with the local threat of law enforcement.

#2 - Little Jacob

Little Jacob's Classic Virgo (Image via Imgur)
Little Jacob's Classic Virgo (Image via Imgur)

The Virgo is a rust-colored bucket of bolts that Little Jacob calls his vehicle. It may not look like much, but it gets to where it needs to be. This is a classic variation of the original Virgo, so there are slight differences here and there.

From the back of the trunk, Jacob can sell a great selection of weapons to Niko Bellic. GTA 4 players will have to raise their friendship level beforehand, but once they do the results are worth the wait.

All it takes is one phone call to Jacob, and he can deliver the goods in no time. It's a convenient way to collect weapons.

The Virgo made a few mission appearances. This includes Concrete Jungle and Russian Revolution, where it serves as a useful getaway vehicle. Should players get used to the GTA 4 driving physics, the Virgo controls well enough.

#1 - Yusuf

Yusuf's Super Drop Diamond (Image via GTA Wiki)
Yusuf's Super Drop Diamond (Image via GTA Wiki)

Yusuf Amir lives a very luxorious lifestyle. A wealthy man, he is not afraid to show off his spendings. Among his gold-plated collection of vanity projects, he owns a Super Drop Diamond and Buzzard attack helicopter.

These vehicles are recognizable by their golden color scheme, which is unique to them.

The Ballad of Gay Tony puts more emphasis on high-end vehicles, which GTA players can own for themselves. Yusuf awards Luis Lopez with his Super Drop Diamond, following the mission "For The Man Who Has Everything."

Thanks to Yusuf, players can show off in affluent style. These head-turning vehicles certainly leave an impression.

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