How does Annis 300R compare to other Armored vehicles in GTA Online?

Annis 300R armor comparison in GTA Online (Image via RaymondN1987 from GTAForums)
Annis 300R armor comparison in GTA Online (Image via RaymondN1987 from GTAForums)

The Annis 300R was one of the first vehicles released with GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars DLC on December 13, 2022. Rockstar Games launched it as an armored sports car and allowed players to equip it with Imani Tech features.

GTA Online currently has 104 armored vehicles (including planes and submarines), 10 of which are Imani Tech cars. Although the game received two more armored vehicles after December 2022, Annis 300R remains one of the most prominent defensive vehicles among players.

This article compares the defensive capabilities of the 300R with other armored vehicles in GTA Online.

Note: Parts of this article are subjective and solely reflect the opinions of the writer.

Annis 300R is weaker than most other armored cars in GTA Online


Despite being a relatively new vehicle and being released during a time when players commonly die due to homing missiles, rockets, and sticky bombs, the 300R does not provide enough armor.

As tested by the GTA Online community, Annis 300R can withstand the following amount of firepower in the game:

When not equipped with armor plating:

  • Homing missiles: 3
  • RPGs/Granades/Sticky Bombs: 1
  • Explosive rounds: 3

When equipped with armor plating but without the driver:

  • Homing missiles: 6
  • RPGs/Granades/Sticky Bombs: 2
  • Explosive rounds: 5

When equipped with armor plating and with the driver:

  • Homing missiles: 12
  • RPGs/Granades/Sticky Bombs: 4
  • Explosive rounds: 10
  • Tank Canon: 2
  • Anti-aircraft missile: 1

The stats are significantly lower than the recently released Ocelot Virtue with Imani Tech, which can withstand 12 Homing missiles, 12 RPGs/Grenades/Sticky bombs, 28 Explosive rounds, six Tank canons, and two Anti-aircraft missiles.


The GTA Online Obey Omnis e-GT, which was released with The Criminal Enterprises DLC in July 2022 and is considered to be one of the best Imani Tech vehicles in the game by the community, has far superior defensive capabilities than the Annis 300R. It is capable of withstanding 12 homing missiles, 12 RPGs/Grenades/Sticky bombs, 28 explosive rounds, six tank canons, and two anti-aircraft missiles.

Aside from that, the 300R lacks bulletproof or bullet-resistant windows, leaving passengers vulnerable to shooters and snipers from the outside. Enemy NPCs, who are notorious for being aimbots, can also easily shoot and kill players in the vehicle.


However, the Imani Tech feature in GTA Online protects players from enemy heat-seeking missiles. With a Missile Lock-on Jammer equipped, enemy players will be unable to lock onto the vehicle and must manually shoot at it. This offers a degree of protection to the player if the shooter's aim is poor or if the homing launcher locks onto other targets in the area.

Imani Tech also enables players to equip the car with a Remote Control Unit and Slick Proximity Mines, which are the vehicle's only offensive features aside from the player's weapons.

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