Why GTA Online Ocelot Virtue fails as an Imani-Tech vehicle

GTA Online players are dissatisfied with the Ocelot Virtue
GTA Online players are dissatisfied with the Ocelot Virtue's Imani Tech features (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players were ecstatic to get on the Ocelot Virtue, which comes with Imani Tech upgradeable features. On March 16, 2023, Rockstar Games published the car as a component in Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose update. It failed to live up to its reputation despite being one of the most substantial utility vehicles in the game owing to a string of missteps.

The Ocelot Virtue lacks essential offensive attributes, whereas Imani Tech vehicles offer some of the game's most vital defensive and offensive skills. This article explores why GTA Online users disliked the car so quickly after it debuted in the game.

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Ocelot Virtue costs a lot but does the bare minimum in GTA Online


The GTA Online Ocelot Virtue is a two-seater electric hypercar based on the real-life Lotus Evija. Rockstar Games advertised the vehicle as Dr. Isaiah Friedlander's ride, and players could give it Imani Tech improvements.

The game's most significant and exclusive car modifications, which are not found in any other garage, are provided by Imani Tech. Usually, these improvements make the automobile better by introducing additional features. In the case of the Ocelot Virtue, however, the update prevents players from using throwable weapons like grenades, sticky bombs, and others.

Popular GTA YouTuber Nick (Twitter/@GhillieYT) disclosed the Virtue's weakness in a tweet on March 19, 2023. They claim that Rockstar Games just copied the MTL Brickade 6x6's routines without making any essential adjustments and inserted them into the Ocelot Virtue. Players cannot toss sticky bombs or other throwables if they wear the vehicle armor obtained through Imani Tech.

Nick added that other such cars, like the Obey Omnis e-GT, do not have this vulnerability because the "disableProjectileDriveby" option was deleted before launching those vehicles. Rockstar typically addresses such issues with DLC updates, and according to Nick, the Virtue flaw may only be addressed in the upcoming GTA Online Summer DLC.

Aside from that, the Virtue is very expensive compared to most other Imani Tech vehicles. It has a base price of $2,980,000 and a trade price of $2,235,000. Although Rockstar Games offers it for free, one must complete six or 11 GTA Online Last Dose missions depending on their game progress.


The vehicle's customizing choices are likewise relatively restricted. Despite its exorbitant cost, the game only has nine spoilers and 11 liveries.

The use of an electric engine lowers performance as well. The Ocelot Virtue's peak speed—119.25 mph or 191.91 km/h—is still relatively low compared to other supercars in the game, even with all the improvements.

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