How can players reach the Quarry in GTA 5?

Survey the land (Image via Sportskeeda)
Survey the land (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 5 players can reach the Quarry in a few different ways in the game with the easiest options being via land or air. Depending on which GTA 5 protagonist players are using, they will be able to access the Quarry from different locations on the map.

In this article, players will hopefully get the best understanding of how they can reach the Quarry in GTA 5 using land vehicles or helicopters.

Reaching the quarry by road in GTA 5


Depending on where GTA 5 players are spawning, it is usually fairly straightforward to drive to the Quarry within a few minutes. If the GTA 5 players are coming all the way north from Los Santos, for example, they will want to take the quickest possible route. Fast bikes are a top tip for manouverability.

GTA 5 players spawning as Trevor have a bonus as the quarry is only a hop, skip and a jump away from the Sandy Shores Airfield to the East. Trevor just has to drive eastward from his trailer, his rugged truck should have no trouble making it over the desert land in no time.

Take the Eastern Highway and hop on the tracks (Image via Sportskeeda)
Take the Eastern Highway and hop on the tracks (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 5 players coming from Los Santos as Michael and Franklin need to get on the main Western Highway past the Diamond Casino and head towards Blaine County.

Save an extra couple of minutes by hopping onto the train tracks shortly after passing by the Diamond. This will speed up the journey with no traffic and allow even easier access directly to the Quarry. Just keep an eye out for the odd train.

GTA 5: Reaching the quarry by air

Michael believes he can fly (Image via YouTube/ @Bloodfarmer Gaming)
Michael believes he can fly (Image via YouTube/ @Bloodfarmer Gaming)

Some GTA 5 players prefer the fast and easy method of simply taking to the skies in a helicopter to make their way to the Quarry. They don't need roads where they're going.

GTA 5 players can choose to land on the ground again or simply jump out of their chopper and drop in by parachute. Jumping is definitely faster than landing, and a straight line through the air beats winding roads any day.

Granted, access to helicopters in GTA 5 is not quite as easy as it may be in GTA Online, where players can simply spawn them out of nowhere.

When in the city, GTA 5 players can head to the Vespucci helicopter pads, which they may already own, and take a helicopter from there straight to the Quarry with ease.


If players do not own a helipad it is no problem. GTA 5 players can simply go as instructed in the video and steal a helicopter from one of the many 'Parachute Jump Missions' located around the map. Franklin will need to first activate the jump missions in the game by meeting Dom, his newest adrenaline-junk-fueled friend.

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