How to complete the ‘Black Project’ mission in GTA San Andreas

Area 69 in GTA San Andreas (Image via
Area 69 in GTA San Andreas (Image via
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By far one of the most fun missions in GTA San Andreas, the Black Project can be quite difficult at first, but players love it nonetheless. The reason GTA fans love this mission so much is because it leads them to one of the best items players can own in the game.

Area 69 in GTA San Andreas is an Area 51 type location. Similarly set out in the desert and seemingly quite unassuming, this Area 51 look-alike is well known for its secrecy.

Completing GTA San Andreas 'Black Project'


This mission starts at CJ's airfield where he usually gets work from Mike Torreno. CJ's character cannot be too out of shape or Truth tells him he is too fat to even take part in the mission.

On starting the mission, The Truth drops CJ outside a small side-gate to Area 69 with no plan other than to "Go, go, go!". CJ can drive a motorbike in or run in the gate guns blazing but this is not recommended. When going in on this mission, GTA players should be trying to maintain as much of their health and armor as possible. There are some extra health and armors to be found around Area 69 as backup.

The best plan to approach this mission is with stealth. Using the sniper rifle, GTA players should shoot out all of the spotlights and guards on each tower. Whilst doing this carefully, players will also need to take out some of the other guards that are near the gate and wander around the base as security. Then they can find the grate for entry into the inner-compound.

Shoot the grate and get inside (Image via
Shoot the grate and get inside (Image via

Once inside, the best advice is to take each corner slowly, keeping an eye on the map for upcoming guards. If the player can successfully navigate all the floors and hallways, they will find themselves in a lab taking a keycard from a scientist. Thankfully there is some body armor in the same lab for players to top up.

After passing through the final security door, GTA players will descend some stairs with a number of guards around every corner of the stairwell on the way down. The players are close to finally getting what CJ came here for. These guards can be quite difficult to pass on the stairs. GTA players are recommended to edge around corners while aiming with an assault rifle to take these guards out all the way down the stairs. Slow and steady.

Mission complete (Image via @NowGamerTube)
Mission complete (Image via @NowGamerTube)

Once GTA players reach the base of the stairs with CJ they will find the much sought after jetpack. Simply walk into it to equip it and begin the ascent out of Area 69 to escape.

The last part players must complete is getting the jetpack back to the airfield safe and sound. When CJ flies out into the desert from the underground base, players should gain some extra height whilst heading for the airstrip. This is because the last challenge is evading rockets fired from the base.

The jetpack gives players the ability to strafe or descend quickly. This is how they can evade being killed in the last moments of the mission by rockets. This is why it is important that players have gained some height with the jetpack when first escaping.

Mission completion rewards


Completing the mission is so much fun for players because once they are done, they are the proud new owners of the jetpack which will now be available from the airstrip. They even get to use it right away in 'Green Goo', the very next mission.

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