How to complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge in GTA Online

GTA Online Heists ( Source: )
GTA Online Heists ( Source: )
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GTA Online has a lot of challenges that add to testing the player's skills while doing the missions. Each challenge gives the players an award and often rewards within the game.

GTA Online has a variety of missions called heists, where the players can rack in some good money. GTA Online gives Special Heist Completion Bonuses which gives each player extra money when the challenges are completed. Heists in GTA Online are PvE missions that let players form a crew and go out on planned thefts to loot banks or casinos. These heists have made the game a hit since the feature was released back in 2015.

There are many unique heist missions in GTA Online that have changed the dynamic of the game. To make it more challenging, Rockstar Games has added a few challenges that players can complete for extra rewards on the missions.

The Criminal Mastermind Challenge is one such challenge that Rockstar games added. The reward that players recieve after completing this challenge is a hefty $10,000,000 bonus.


How to complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge in GTA Online

The Criminal Mastermind Challenge in GTA Online is the most difficult challenge in the game. Players can track their challenge progress by checking the awards tab in the pause menu.


To finish the Criminal Mastermind Challenge, players need to complete all the heists in order. Players need to have the same people in their crew to be able to unlock this achievement. All the heists should be done in order without dying. If a player dies while doing the heists, the whole crew will have to start all over again from the first heist and progress without dying.

Here is the list of heists that the players need to complete in order to finish the Criminal Mastermind Challenge:

  1. The Fleeca Job
  2. The Prison Break
  3. The Humane Labs Raid
  4. Series A Funding
  5. The Pacific Standard Job

All the heists can be started from a player's high end apartment by going into the room with the H symbol in it. Once all the missions are completed, the reward will show up on the completed missions screen, giving each player $10,000,000 for their efforts.

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