How to easily do Paramedic missions in GTA San Andreas

Paramedic missions offer useful rewards in GTA San Andreas (Image via Sportskeeda)
Paramedic missions offer useful rewards in GTA San Andreas (Image via Sportskeeda)

Paramedic missions can seem tedious in GTA San Andreas, but there are easier ways to complete them.

Vehicle side missions generally give useful awards. However, they must be done in one go. There are no checkpoints for these missions (with the exception of Burglary). One of the most useful is the Paramedic mission as players will receive max health once they complete them.

The main issue with the Paramedic missions is the time limit and traffic. Players need to avoid incoming cars. Otherwise, they risk further injury to their patients. GTA San Andreas does offer easier alternatives for players. This will allow them to finish their objectives faster.

GTA San Andreas: An easy guide on how to do Paramedic missions

Like most vehicle side quests, Paramedic missions have 12 levels. Players have to go through all of them at once. Each one gets progressively harder. Thankfully, there is a way to make it easier.

Head to the countryside

This is the simplest way to do Paramedic missions. The countryside in GTA San Andreas is full of open space. While there are residential areas, most of it is surrounded by grassy hills. Players can cut through traffic easily.

Angel Pine is a great place to start. The town is rather small and it's barely inhabited. Unsurprisingly, most players will be doing their work here.

The main reason why they should use the countryside is simple. While the desert is also barren, it isn't unlocked until later. Meanwhile, the countryside is open to Paramedic missions after The Green Sabre.

Advantages to this easy method

Paramedic missions in big cities are rather difficult. Players risk having to run around the entire area as there are so many places to visit. That's not even mentioning the ongoing traffic and strict pathways. There are barely any shortcuts for players to take in Los Santos.

GTA San Andreas players can use the Angel Pine method to solve these problems. Most patients will only appear in the small town. By contrast, the Los Santos method can force players to go from Ganton to Santa Marina Beach. They lose precious time for the Paramedic missions.

Best of all, the Angel Pine method allows shortcuts. Players may go from one rural town to the next. Most of the countryside is empty hills with a few trees. Players will cut through corners for the fastest possible time. They can get to where they need to be.

This is the best way to reach max health

Max health is a major advantage in GTA San Andreas. This will give players the edge they need to survive most shootouts. It can be the difference between life and death. Paramedic missions are the best way to max out health.

Once players use the easier method, they will get exactly what they want. Once 12 levels are completed, they are rewarded with full health. Players only have to wait until the first part of the game is complete.

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