5 reasons why GTA fans love the countryside in San Andreas

Welcome to the vast wilderness of GTA San Andreas (Image via gtaall)
Welcome to the vast wilderness of GTA San Andreas (Image via gtaall)

In the state of San Andreas, GTA players can get away from it all and take a trip to the countryside; there is nothing quite like it.

Rural counties are a first in this particular Grand Theft Auto title, with gigantic redwood trees and small creeks. San Andreas is an extensive map consisting of three major cities and several sub-regions.

What makes the game special is the dedication to detail: every single location feels different. The countryside is quite distinctive.

There are three specific territories — Flint County, Whetstone, and Red County. The countryside holds a special place in GTA players' hearts, especially those with a childhood experience of jumping off Mount Chiliad with a dirt bike. This is when the game truly starts to be fun.

Five awesome things about the countryside in GTA San Andreas

5) Mount Chiliad is awesome


Whetstone is the first rural area GTA players visit after Carl Johnson's exile from Los Santos. Rockstar Games made a great decision by placing CJ here since the Angel Pine safehouse is right near the most recognizable aspect of the countryside — Mount Chiliad.

Rockstar encourages GTA players to head out to the mountains and climb them for themselves. It's a rewarding experience in open-world exploration. Thanks to the dirt bike roads, players can easily find their way to the mountain peak. It's a beautiful view from above the clouds.

Mount Chiliad will make players feel like they are at the very top of the entire world. But since it's the highest point of elevation in San Andreas, players should be careful not to get hit by ghost cars and crashing airplanes.

4) It expands on exploration


In some ways, the forested areas of San Andreas serve as a precursor to Red Dead Redemption 2. The countryside is also the first time Rockstar has given way to natural landscapes in the GTA series.

San Andreas has vast open fields of trees, rocks, and streams, which are missing in GTA 3 and Vice City.

GTA players should take the time to traverse their surroundings here. At its very core, GTA is an experience meant for exploration. The countryside is an expansive wilderness that is perfect for travel.

Off-road vehicles like dirt bikes and Banditos are beneficial in this regard. Players finally have a use for specific vehicles, which the countryside is perfect for.

3) CJ finally gets out of the hood


After the events of the Green Sabre mission, CJ has lost everything. Grove Street has fallen to the wayside, Big Smoke and Ryder betrayed him, and his brother Sweet is incarcerated. Having been exiled to the countryside, CJ now has to do more dirty work for officers Tenpenny and Pulaski.

However, it's a breath of fresh air for GTA players. No longer are they only relegated to the crack-ridden streets of Los Santos 3. They can now expand their wings and fly elsewhere. Although gamers are free to visit the countryside before these events, there is now a storyline importance to visit this location.

CJ has to start anew. With only a run-down safehouse, a single camera, and a Sanchez bike, this is where his journey truly begins.

2) Several mysteries lurk in the woods


Given the open-ended landscape and mysterious fog, the countryside is a perfect location for mythological tales and frightening stories. Sometimes, it's grounded in a layer of reality subtext. For example, there is a rusty wheelchair at Fisher's Lagoon, which refers to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.

However, there are also tall tales that can be hard to believe. One of the most famous in GTA history is the disputed existence of Bigfoot. Thanks to the mythical lore of American woods, many GTA players speculated he could lurk deep within the woods' darkness.

What GTA players love about the countryside is that it lets them use their imagination. They must fill in the blanks of various mysteries. It's a fascinating location that encourages more exploration.

1) GTA players find out The Truth


San Andreas has some of the strongest supporting cast members in GTA history. One of them happens to be The Truth, first met in Leafy Hollow in Flint County. Voiced by the late Peter Fonda, this aged hippie leaves a memorable impression with his words of wisdom.

Truth provides several incredible missions such as Body Harvest, and GTA players can use a combine harvester to turn enemies into bloody chunks of meat. It's brutally violent, but it fits the thematic spirit of the GTA series.

Thanks to the presence of Truth, the countryside is an unforgettable time for CJ during the events of San Andreas.

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