How to get $200k and a bonus t-shirt in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners

GTA Online players should get those bonuses while they can (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online players should get those bonuses while they can (Image via Rockstar Games)

For a limited time only, Rockstar Games is offering GTA Online players some bonus content if they complete a Contract mission.

From now until July 28th, players can perform these robberies to acquire new bonuses. Rockstar Games promises to deliver the goods with $200,000 and a new clothing item.

The Born x Raised Los Santos t-shirt is exclusive to this particular event. All players need to do is complete a Contract mission.

Los Santos Tuners features the musical talents of Kenny Dixon Jr., better known as KDJ or Moodymann. He offers the players six new Contract missions. These are basically small-time heists set in two parts - Planning Works and a Final Job. Players have to finish their prep work before the big one.

Everything GTA Online players need to know about the new bonus awards for Contract missions

Now is a chance for easy money in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Now is a chance for easy money in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

According to the official Twitter account for Rockstar Games, all a GTA player has to do is complete a Final Job for a Contract mission. By doing so, they unlock their new awards. Players have less than a week to do it if they haven't already.

Start and end date (and when players can expect the rewards)


GTA Online players can earn their bonus rewards anytime between now and July 28th. After August 2nd, the money and merchandise will be delivered within a 72-hour time frame. It's a good idea to start now and get it over with.

How to do the Contract missions for Los Santos Tuners


There are six robbery missions in total, ranging from prison break-ins to stealing cargo on a freight train. Players can find these on the Job Board within the Auto Shop. They have to to perform two setup missions prior to a final job.

For example, the Superdollar Deal requires players to install virus software and a tracking device. Once they do so, they can take off with printing plates from a military convoy.

All these missions use high-speed vehicles for transportation.

Of course, there will be complications along the way. GTA Online players better expect the company from law enforcement. These situations tend to get heated very quickly, so players should pull out all the stops.

Players can earn good money (along with the bonus rewards)


Most of these payouts average somewhere between $170,000 and $185,000. These missions tend to be short and simple. Best of all, it can be done solo. There's no need to worry about uncooperative teammates.

Besides, these missions also give players a reason to use their new tuner vehicles.

Along with the $200,000 bonus from Rockstar Games, players could potentially earn $400,000 in a single day. It's a good amount of money they can save for future spending. GTA Online servers are expected to be busy, so players should strike while the iron is hot. They only have until July 28th.

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