How to get a custom license plate in GTA Online 

License Plates in GTA Online ( Source: )
License Plates in GTA Online ( Source: )
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GTA Online has always been one of the most customizable games in the industry. Be it character mods or being able to modify vehicles, GTA Online provides more than enough features to customize almost every aspect of the game.

Players can even customize license plates in GTA Online. This article will guide players through the process of being able to change their license plates.

Unlike most customizations in the game, players need to use their personal Android or Apple phones to access this feature.


How to get a custom license plate in GTA Online

The Setup, outside the game

  1. Players need to download the iFruit app from the playstore on their Androud or Apple device.
  2. The next step is to log into their Rockstar Game Social Club account and go through both of the given Rockstar Online policies
  3. Once the players have successfully logged into iFruit, they have to select the Los Santos Customs icon towards the top left of the screen.
  4. When in the Los Santos Customs menu, players will see the character slots with each character's vehicles below it. The first three will be the story mode characters and the fourth one will be the GTA Online Character.
  5. Players need to swipe to their desired vehicle on the GTA Online character to pick the vehicle whose license plate needs to be changed.
  6. They can select the plates tab at the bottom or tap the top right of the screen where the license plate is located to edit the plate to their liking.
  7. Once they have customized the plate to their liking, players can select the vehicle and click the order button.
  8. A prompt will appear asking if they want to change the plate as it can only be done once.
  9. Tapping the Yes button will sucessfully apply the plate with a receipt.
  10. Once that is accepted the plate will be applied with a pop confirming the order.

After completing the steps, players will see the new license plate when they launch the game. However, players need to purchase a secondary plate after the first free one to see it in effect.

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