How to get custom plates in GTA Online (2022)

Customize your car even more with a new custom license plate (Image via Sportskeeda)
Customize your car even more with a new custom license plate (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA Online gamers enjoy customizing and upgrading their vehicles in the game. However, sometimes a paint-job or new set of tires may not be unique enough. Fortunately, gamers are able to edit their own license plates for the game, giving them that the last bit of personalization they seek.

This could be a big year for GTA after all of the recent Rockstar releases, leaks, and news. Some fans think that perhaps custom license plates are something that will come standard in the future when setting up the game.

This article aims to help players in obtaining a custom plate for their vehicle in GTA Online.

GTA Online custom plates make players stand out


Many gamers already know how to customize their own plates in GTA Online, but those that don't, can follow this step-by-step guide. First of all, players will need their console set-up as well as a device like a tablet or smartphone.

On the device, gamers must download the iFruit App from their corresponding App Store. Once the app is installed, players must log in with their Rockstar Games Social Accounts. Here are some steps to customize plates using the iFruit app once it is set up.

  • Once logged into the iFruit app, players can select the "Los Santos Customs" icon (top left)
  • Players will be redirected to a vehicle screen with four slots. Three are for the story mode protagonists cars and the fourth is for the GTA Online character.
  • Gamers must select the vehicle whose plates they wish to customize, then they are brought to another screen that allows them to write whatever they like on their custom plate.

After players are satisfied with their new Los Santos Customs creation, there are a few steps required to finalize the feature. It is worth noting that the first custom plate is free, but each one after will cost $100,000. Players are allowed up to 30 personalized plates. Players should complete the following steps afterwards:

  • After completing their plate, gamers need to return to the vehicle slot screen to press "Order"
  • Many pop-ups will appear, after players accept them all they will be given a digital receipt
  • Once all is finished and verified, GTA Online players must load the game and visit their nearest Los Santos Customs to fit the car with the new custom plates
  • There is a chance that the first free number plate may not appear until players purchase at least one more

Once players can successfully follow the steps above, they should have no problem continuing to make all 30 of their own customized plates for their favorite vehicles.

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