How do GTA 5 players sign up for Rockstar Games Social Club?

Rockstar Games Social Club is the place to be for GTA 5 and Online players (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rockstar Games Social Club is the place to be for GTA 5 and Online players (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Rockstar Games Social Club is the studio's unique social platform/storefront, much like Ubisoft Connect (formerly called Uplay), which is a critical component of their online infrastructure.

Players must set up an account to use Rockstar Games Social Club, which is mandatory for online play. The story mode for GTA 5 can still be played without this account. However, players cannot use any online features without it. Signing up is a rather easy process that is detailed below.

Rockstar Games Social Club sign up process, benefits and more, detailed

Signing up with an account


First of all, GTA players will have to access the main website ( through a web browser. They will need to verify their age once they sign up. It's free of charge, so there are no membership fees. They will now have to read the terms and conditions. Once they accept it, they will be allowed to create an account.

GTA 5 and Online players must enter their personal information after this. This includes their nickname, password, email address, and country or region. Now, for the most crucial step, they have to link their Social Club to their PC (Steam), PlayStation, or Xbox system where they plan to play Rockstar's games.

Under the profile settings, GTA players can choose the third option (Linked Accounts). They can now link to either the PlayStation Network or Games for Windows LIVE. Players can even link their Twitch channels here.

GTA 5 and Online benefits


Rockstar Games Social Club provides several benefits to GTA 5 and Online players. These range from rare weapons and vehicles to unique abilities. The main website will also update itself with additional content.

These are the exclusive features for GTA 5 players:

  • Performance Tracking: Career stats and GTA 5 player checklists
  • Exclusive Features: Unlocks rare weapons, vehicles, and haircuts
  • Snapmatic: Allows players to share photos online
  • LifeInvader Social Network: Offers in-game discounts

Meanwhile, these are the exclusive features for GTA Online players:

  • New Crew Features: Offers crew colors and customization
  • Unlockable Weapons and Vehicles: Sawed-off shotgun and Annis Elegy RH8
  • GTA Online Jobs: The ability to publish playlists and bookmark jobs
  • Unique Customization: Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing
  • Social Club Events: Private GTA Online events

Rockstar Games Social Club allows players to be one step ahead. They will gain access to rare content that normal players lack. Players with a linked Prime Gaming and Social Club account will even get discounts for weapons and vehicles in GTA Online.

Newsletter for Rockstar Newswire


Rockstar Newswire covers the latest stories with GTA Online. For example, it's currently Previon Week for the Los Santos Tuners update, and a bunch of bonuses and discounts are live right now. The Rockstar Newswire newsletter will give players the scoop on these deals every time.

In conclusion, GTA 5 and Online players can make the most of their experience with Rockstar Games Social Club. Over 100 million players have signed up with the service, and it will take a new player less than half an hour to complete the process themselves. The rewards and extra functionality from Rockstar Games Social Club makes it an enticing prospect for players who are on the fence.

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