How GTA Online players can buy a yacht: A beginner’s guide

A bold and iconic way to show off (Image via Rockstar Games)
A bold and iconic way to show off (Image via Rockstar Games)

Beginners still have a long way to go before they can buy themselves a yacht in GTA Online.

The Super Galaxy Yacht is the ultimate symbol of wealth and power. Everything is unbelievably expensive in this game, but the yacht really stands out in that regard. GTA Online players will be living a life of luxury when they sail the seas.

Beginners should at least know where to buy a yacht. Of course, they won't have that much cash on hand just yet. With that in mind, this article will explain how they can get rich quickly.

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GTA Online players must visit DockTease to get a yacht

Head over to DockTease

GTA Online has a website called DockTease, which has a strong focus on boats. Players can access their phone by pressing the following buttons:

  • Up arrow key or middle mouse (PC)
  • Up direction pad (PlayStation and Xbox)

All they need to do is click on the blue icon at the bottom. They will be given a listing of various websites, including DockTease. GTA Online can head over there and find a huge advertisement for Galaxy Super Yachts. Here are three different models to choose from:

  • The Orion ($6,000,000)
  • The Pisces ($7,000,000)
  • The Aquarius ($8,000,000)

After choosing the right model, the game will ask players to click on "Next" and select their lighting and color schemes. Remember, the default options don't cost anything. Once the player is done, they just need to confirm the purchase and they will be good to go.

Yachts will now spawn in the sea


Yachts will have different anchor points across the map. Using the Interaction Menu, players can either call for a helicopter or a boat, allowing them easier travel. Keep in mind that yachts cannot be freely controlled like a normal boat.

In order to change its current location, players will have to pay their captain $25,000. If they complete the Superyacht Life missions, they only need to pay $10,000 instead.

How can GTA Online players get enough cash to buy a yacht?


When starting off, beginners need a reliable source of income. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S owners can always try the Career Builder mode. They will be able to pick between four lucrative careers, ranging from biker gang, m*th labs to running a popular nightclub.

GTA Online players will also be given $4,000,000 to spend on their basic necessities. Over time, they can take part in weekly events that offer double the cash and reputation.

Eventually, they can save enough money for the Kosatka submarine, which has a minimum price tag of $2,200,000. This investment will pay off in the long run, since players can make a lot of money with the Cayo Perico heist. Before they know it, they can grind millions of dollars per day.

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