Here's what GTA Online players get with a Galaxy Super Yacht

Sail out to the high seas with a luxury yacht (Image via Rockstar Games)
Sail out to the high seas with a luxury yacht (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Galaxy Super Yacht costs millions in GTA Online, so players should be expecting some neat features.

Truth be told, only the richest players should consider showing off their luxury yachts. It's a great way to remind the public lobby just how much cash they have. Three different models can be purchased from the DockTease website.

GTA Online players can get the Orion for $6,000,000, the Pisces for $7,000,000, and the Aquarius for $8,000,000. From now until June 8, players can even get 50% off these yachts. They can also earn quadruple rewards for the Superyacht Missions.

Here's what GTA Online players get when they buy a Galaxy Super Yacht


Before going further, it should be noted that maintenance fees cost $1,000 a day in GTA Online. There are also differences between the three models. However, they largely share the same features.

Superyacht Life missions


GTA Online players can activate these missions by talking to Brendan Darcy. It requires a minimum of one player, with a maximum of four.

  • Overboard: Go to the Vespucci Canals, take out a few joyriders, collect paperwork, and destroy some boats
  • Salvage: Go to a wreckage site, salvage the cargo, eliminate some hijackers, and rescue the captain and bartender
  • All Hands: Enter the LISA and steal a Tula, then put out a fire
  • Icebreaker: Head for the Fridgit Cold Storage, destroy the air conditioning units, and steal a Benson
  • Bon Voyage: Fight enemies in very stormy weather conditions
  • D-Day: Sneak into a rival yacht with a Kraken, then eliminate the boss and destroy his helicopter

Completing a mission will reward the player with a captain outfit. Superyacht Missions offer a decent amount of money and reputation points.

A full list of stored vehicles


Each model yacht can store a different selection of vehicles. Here's what GTA Online players get, depending on their yacht:

  • Orion: Tropic, Seashark
  • Pisces: Swift Deluxe, Speeder, Dinghy, Seashark (2x)
  • Aquarius: SuperVolito Carbon, Dinghy, Toro, Seashark (4x)

The Orion will only have a single helipad, while the Pisces and Aquarius will have two. GTA Online players can use them for easier access, whether it's getting on the ship or getting off.

Custom modifications


GTA Online players can modify their Galaxy Super Yacht through the DockTease website. These range from lighting fixtures to interior color schemes. Speaking of which, the latter modification will affect spawned vehicles. These customizations are generally priced at a few hundred thousand dollars.

Players can also select a national flag and display it on their ship. There are over 46 to choose from in this game. Keep in mind that it costs $25,000 to change a flag after a default one is set.



Combat is a crucial aspect of this game. Players can find the following weapons inside their personal yacht:

  • Special Carbine
  • Heavy Sniper
  • Combat MG
  • Homing Launcher
  • Proximity Mines

Players can also move their yacht by speaking with Brendan Darcy. It normally costs $25,000, but one can also unlock a reduced price at $10,000. They just need to complete all of his missions beforehand.

Last but not least, he will also maintain the ship's defense system. Players can use the Interaction Menu to determine who gains access.

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