Top 5 richest characters in the GTA series

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The GTA series features a number of influential personalities who seem to be in charge of the economic wheel of the virtual world.

While some characters are obsessed with the underworld because they view it as their rightful heritage, others use their network to expand their criminal empire and rack up as much money as possible. After all, money is the essence of Grand Theft Auto.

This article talks about 5 of the richest characters featured in the GTA Series.

Top 5 richest characters in the GTA Series

#5 Avery Duggan

I wanna lay my cards on the table. I don't give two fucks about who your family is or how many ninjas you got up your sleeve. Am I making myself clear?

GTA Online features a competitive and acquisitive society so it makes sense for the characters to hustle 24/7, but Avery Duggan's insatiable thirst for money sees no boundaries.

He is a tenacious and power-hungry man who would do anything to get his hands on what he wants, even if it meant hurting innocent people. When Avery Duggan is not exploiting organizations to line his pockets with cash, he assumes the role of a well-mannered and civil character, which is both ironic and deceptive.

Duggan is engaged in enough illegal operations and million-dollar business models to be one of the richest people in the GTA Series.

#4 Donald Love

"Experience has taught me that a man like you can be loyal for the right price... But groups of men can get greedy."

If there was an award for multi-billionaire people in the GTA series, it would go to Donald Love.

Donald Love is a business tycoon who owns a multi-billionaire corporation called Love Media. He is also an active part of the construction industry which is an insanely lucrative market in the GTA series.

Donald Love is a man-eater who thinks human flesh is 'like chicken' but 'more sentient.' During the mission Cam Pain, Love is seen feasting on human ribs as though he hasn't eaten in weeks.

Not only is Donald the most loathesome character in the GTA series, given his overwhelming appetite for human flesh, but he's also supremely selfish. Love has no regard for other peoples' lives. All that matters to him is his own satisfaction.

It doesn't help that he's filthy rich and owns enough assets to last him a lifetime.

#3 Tommy Vercetti

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
"Yeah, my old man used to work on these. I used to spend the evenings with him cleaning the rollers. I was gonna follow him in his trade but... I lived a different life.

Tommy Vercetti is another rich character featured in the GTA series who takes the cost of human life with a grain of salt.

But unlike Donald Love, Tommy Vercetti is not a complete sociopath. He seems to care for people who are close to him and is especially friendly towards Kelly who's like a father figure to him.

Tommy Vercetti is also a borderline intellectual. His views are often interesting and he's believed to be one of the smarter characters featured in the GTA series.

#2 Devin Weston

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
"Why? Because they have things nobody else has, because they can afford it, because frankly I'm rich enough to do whatever the fuck I want, and you're poor enough not to ask me any Goddamn stupid questions. Now, I mean that as a friend. Namaste."

Devin Weston is a corrupt media magnate who, under the disguise of a well-meaning philanthropist, uses his influence and the power of his position to exploit workers from third-world countries. With the kind of connections that his 'job' has enabled him to make, it's no wonder that he's one of the richest people in the GTA series.

#1 Yusuf Amir

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
You know... we were just having a little creative meeting and things went a bit crazy and I somehow lost my pants!

Yusuf Amir is perhaps the most affluent man in the GTA series.

He works as a real estate developer and appears in The Ballad of Gay Tony as the Tritagonist.

Yosuf is also the most diverse character featured in the GTA series. He seems to take his troubles lightly and is generally a hard-core optimist who believes everything will be fine at the end of the day.

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