5 characters from previous games that make a return in GTA Online

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Image via gtabase Enter caption

GTA Online players are always delightfully surprised when players from previous games make an appearance in GTA Online.

Part of the reason why this multiplayer game is the most famous edition of the GTA series is becasue of all the surprise content Rockstar keeps stacked up for players. If it's not a flying bike, it's a laser gun. If it's not a laser gun, it's the physical manifestation of chaos.

The virtual universe features an assortment of die-worthy things for players to enjoy, but none quite eclipse the nostalgia players feel when a character from previous games makes an appearance in GTA Online.

This article talks about 5 characters who made an unforgettable comeback in GTA Online.

5 characters from previous games that make a return in GTA Online:

1) Karen Daniels:

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

If out-of-the-box badass characters were to be ranked, Karen Daniels would make for the very apex of the graph. Not only does she sport a super profound backstory, but she is also one of the most spine-chilling GTA Online characters ever written.

Karen Daniels is featured as a supporting character in GTA IV and makes an appearance in GTA V as a minor. In GTA Online, however, she is one of the main characters.

Players love Karen Daniels for two reasons: She is a hard-core badass, and maintains an unflinchable aura of mystery. Players know very little about her backstory, which gives her character a whole new light.

In GTA Online, she is featured as a high-ranked IAA agent, which shows how intense her journey has been throughout the series.

The reason why Karen Daniels' character is so unforgettable is because of her subtle relationship with Niko Bellic, whom she dated for a while under the alias of Michelle. She did eventually tell Niko everything, and naturally, the couple broke up soon after.

2) Malc:

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
"Shit, I know about brothers, but I know about bitches as well. And this here job... *sniffs* smells like a bitch to me. It got bitch stink all over it, son." - Malc

Malcolm, more commonly known as Malc, is a typical GTA Online character - tough, adventurous, and in his own iconic words, "a little bitchy."


Malc is a member of the Uptown Riders Motorcycle Club, and hence, makes an appearance in GTA Online with the Bikers Update.

Players meet Malc in Los Santos, where he introduces them to motorcycle clubs.

Malc also makes an appearance in the Lost and Damned, the first two downloadable episodes featured in GTA Online.

Brought to life beautifully by Walter Mudo, Malc is a unique and interesting character that definitely deserved a monumental comeback in GTA Online.

#3 Tony price

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Most people know Tony Price from the Nightclub in GTA Online. After all, he takes a sizeable chunk from the player's hard-earned money.

Anthony Price made an appearance in GTA IV as a minor character. In GTA Online, he came back as a successful business owner and made quite the appearance in The Lost and Damned.

What makes Tony's character so memorable in GTA Online is his quest for a better life. As a young boy, Tony would go to the Humboldt River and dream of escaping his mundane life in Dukes.

Tony wasn't exactly the kind of guy who liked nailing all his exams. On the contrary, he didn't even go to college when he was supposed to.

Unlike most GTA Online characters, Tony doesn't have it all easy. He kickstarts a number of clubs that end up under foreclosure sale. But Tony is a dreamer and dreamers don't give up. He slowly climbs the underworld ladder and becomes a nightclub entrepreneur in Liberty City.

#4 Brucie Kibbutz

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The most fascinating thing about GTA Online is how relatable it is. Rockstar takes into account the prevalent themes and aristocratic canons of a society before creating a character.

Brucie Kibbutz is one of the most relatable characters featured in GTA Online. Instead of turning him into just another criminal, Rockstar made him a successful entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. What's more, Brucie even runs his own blog!

Certain scenes in the game indicate that Brucie might be (probably is) a closeted bisexual. When he lets something slip, he goes the extra mile to claim that he was just kidding and becomes super awkward.

Bruice Kibbutz is also a lifestyle coach and is the owner of Brucie's Executive Lifestyle Autos. Not surprisingly, he's also a VIP at Maisonetta.

#5 Agent ULP

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
The FIB? Do I look homosexual? Do you think I care about the size of your Johnson? Now... you can't always tell who the good guys are. I'm not a good guy. But I'm fighting with them, and guess what? So are you." ―The U.L. Paper Contact

Agent ULP, also known as Bernard or The Contact, is a senior agent featured in GTA Online, who works for United Liberty Paper, which is basically a front for IAA.


Agent ULP has a rich and profound backstory in GTA Online. Certain scenes indicate that not only did he work with drug dealers in the past but also had a career in the US army. Not much, however, is revealed about his experience in the army, but the fact that he can speak Siberian indicates that he played a role, no matter how minute, in the Yugoslav wars.

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