5 most memorable villains in the GTA series

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The GTA franchise wouldn't be the empire it's today if it weren't for all the dark and sadistic villains it features.

Some villains add more drama to the game while others merely hang around, bossing minors and hurling insults to come off as supremely cool.

The most unforgettable villains featured in the GTA series

#5 - Devin Weston


Under the facade of a philanthropist, Devin Weston is a corrupt media magnate who uses the power of his position to exploit workers from third-world countries. His character is intriguing and dark. He easily makes for one of the most well-written characters in the GTA series.

GTA may fade from players' minds, but they will have a hard time forgetting Devin Weston's chilling "Namastay" that follows every threat he makes.

#4 - Big Smoke

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Big Smoke has, perhaps, the most diverse storyline in the GTA series. At the start, he seems a significant part of the Groove Street Families, but as the game progresses, he betrays CJ's gang for another.

His betrayal is never shown explicitly in the game, but a few hints indicate that Big Smoke becomes a part of the Ballas and is working against Sweet and CJ.

The depth and diversity of Big Smoke's character make him one of the most unforgettable villains in the GTA series.

#3 - Sonny Forelli

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Sonny Forelli is an Italian-American mobster and one of the most powerful antagonists in the GTA series.

Drunk on power, Forelli controls the gangs of Vice City and wishes to establish a thriving trade business in the city. Sonny Forelli is also friends with GTA Vice City's protagonist, Tommy Vercetti.

Forelli's cunning strategies and manipulative tendencies have an unforgettable impact on his storyline. The GTA series has seen a number of villains, each more hungry for power than the other, but none quite eclipse the dark desires of Sonny Forelli.

#2 - Darko Brevic

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Darko Brevic is a Russian mobster featured in GTA IV. He is known for selling his fellow soldiers for a mere $1,000, which he later spends on psychoactive drugs.

Players are compelled to work with this nasty character to find out who betrayed their squad. In the end, players can either let Brevic live or kill him off.

Brevic is the quintessential GTA villain with his cold heart and reckless ways. He is arguably the most memorable character in the GTA series.

#1 - Massimo Torini

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Massimo Totini is the most sadistic villain in the GTA series. He enjoys gutting people with his bare hands.

Totini maintains a low profile as a hotelier in an Italian city initially, taking on minor gigs. Later, Torini is sent to Liberty City and becomes one of the main antagonists in the game.

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