Should players buy the Terrorbyte just for the client jobs in GTA Online

Image via whatever57010
Image via whatever57010

GTA Online is popular in the gaming universe for the unique and diverse assortment of vehicles it features, but when it comes to versatility, the Terrorbyte makes for the quintessential GTA Online creation.

The Terrorbyte is essentially a powerful mobile military truck equipped with everything a criminal prodigy could ask for. The catch? This armour-plated vehicle does not come for peanuts. The cheapest version costs a staggering $1,375,000, excluding all the expenses spent on the club. When additional hardware and customization options are taken into account, the Terrorbyte costs a hefty $3,459,500.

Although the Terrorbyte does cost a good chunk of in-game money, at the end of the day, its one of the most profitable investments players can make in GTA Online.

This mobile military truck is also popular for unlocking Paige's infamous jobs. However, should players only buy the Terrorbyte for the client featured jobs?

Should players buy the Terrorbyte just for the client jobs in GTA Online?

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Client featured jobs, hosted by Paige, are one of the most lucrative ways to earn the big bucks in GTA Online.

These missions are easy to grind and can churn out as much as $32,000 within few minutes. Paige's jobs, however, are exclusively tied to the Terrorbyte, which is why players often spend a fortune on this vehicle, so that they don't miss out on some of the most fun missions in GTA Online.

While client featured jobs may be one of the most major reasons to get the Terrorbyte, it's not the most important one. The payout from these jobs, no matter how high, will barely make up for the whooping price tag, and the player will need to put in a lot of dedicated hours to pay off the initial investment cost.

The Terrorbyte is, however, one hell of an investment if it's other features are taken into account. For example, a few taps on the user interface is all it takes for the Terrorbyte to appear right where the player needs it parked in GTA Online. To top it all off, the 'nerve center' that the Terrorbyte comes equipped with, puts an end to grinding. The nerve center allows the player to conduct all of their businesses from one central location, which also happens to be mobile.

All in all, the Terrorbyte is one of the most mind-blowng vehicles featured in GTA Online and is definitely a must-have if the player owns the nightclub, too.

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