How to do Auto Shop Client Jobs in GTA Online

Time for some honest work in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Time for some honest work in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Auto Shop Client Jobs are a legitimate way to conduct business in GTA Online.

This feature was first released back in the Los Santos Tuners update of 2021. The way it works is rather simple in GTA Online. Customers will drop off their personal vehicles at the Auto Shop. Players will have to modify these cars based on specific requests. Afterwards, they can deliver it back to the customer.

Rockstar is currently doubling rewards for this type of revenue. If a player is currently running Auto Shops, now is a good time to start these missions. Most of them won't take very long to complete. Better yet, there is a good amount of variety for every single mission.

A brief guide on GTA Online's Auto Shop Client Jobs


These jobs are a reliable way to make some money, especially with this week's bonuses. However, players need to meet a few requirements beforehand. Here is what they need to know about the Auto Shop Client Jobs.

First, players need to buy an Auto Shop


Players can buy the Auto Shop if they visit the website for Maze Bank Foreclosures. There is a grand total of five different locations:

  • Mission Row ($1,670,000)
  • Strawberry ($1,705,000)
  • Rancho ($1,750,000)
  • Burton ($1,830,000)
  • La Mesa ($1,920,000)

After the player buys a property, they can meet up with Moodymann and Sessanta. The latter will explain how Auto Shops can be used for legitimate businesses, such as vehicle customization.

However, players have to wait until they complete a setup job for an impounded car. Sessanta will eventually call the player to let them know about a customer request. All they have to do is visit the Auto Shop to see what's going on.

Now players can perform Auto Shop Client Jobs


Whenever there is a customer vehicle inside the shop, it will stay there until the task is completed. This is also the case whenever players switch between servers.

GTA Online offers the following description for Auto Shop Client Jobs:

"A customer vehicle has arrived at your Auto Shop. Modify it to their specification and deliver it back to them to earn additional cash."

Players will be given a randomized set of requirements to follow. For example, the customer might want a certain paint job. Players can also include additional upgrades beyond what the customer had initially requested. However, this will either result in a bonus or a penalty.

After the car is modified, players must deliver it to the customer. They need to make sure it isn't damaged by the time they arrive. Otherwise, it will result in a payment downgrade.

GTA Online does allow players to hire staff members instead. They can deliver the vehicle themselves, but there are a few drawbacks. It will take longer, not to mention it can be damaged along the way.

GTA Online to give away 2x rewards for these jobs

Los Santos Tuners Bonuses• 2X LS Car Meet Rep on Pursuit Series Races• Double Rewards on Robbery Contracts and Exotic Exports• 2X GTA$ on Auto Shop Client JobsPlus Sumo returns with 2X Rewards, and more:

From now until February 9th, completing Auto Shop Client Jobs will result in double the rewards. Players will enjoy a steady cash flow for the rest of this week, just as long as they satisfy their customers.

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