How GTA Online players can upgrade the MOC

Tactical operations have never been easier (Image via Rockstar Games)
Tactical operations have never been easier (Image via Rockstar Games)
Danny Sahbegovic

GTA Online gunrunners should know how to upgrade their Mobile Operations Center (MOC).

Warstock Cache and Carry describes this utility trailer as being in “the warzone.” It allows players to customize weaponized vehicles and play various missions. While it certainly has substance, more than a few players would also like it to have style.

This can be done through a series of upgrades. However, the player’s bank account will need to be much bigger. Default costs amount to $1,225,000, which means customizations will cost extra. Either way, this article will let players know how to get started.

Here's a brief guide on getting upgrades for the Mobile Operations Center in GTA Online


The Mobile Operations Center (MOC) can be very useful in GTA Online, specifically for its various upgrades. For example, the Weapon and Vehicle Workshop can be conveniently accessed. Here's how players can renovate their state-of-the-art equipment.

Go to Warstock Cache and Carry


GTA Online players already have to visit this website if they want to buy the MOC. However, they will have to revisit them if they want to upgrade the vehicle.

Players should pull up their phones and find the website again. When they go to Warstock, they should look for the MOC and click on it. They will be given a full list of renovations, which can be seen below:

  • Cab: Phantom Custom ($1,225,000) or Hauler Custom ($1,400,000)
  • Bay 1: Command Center ($320,000) or Living Quarters (N/A)
  • Bay 2: Weapon Workshop ($245,000) or Weapon and Vehicle Workshop ($955,000) or Living Quarters ($145,000)
  • Bay 3: Personal Vehicle Storage ($195,000) or Weapon and Vehicle Workshop (includes with Bay 2 purchase) or Living Quarters ($145,000)
  • Interior Color: White or Gray or Black ($115,000 each)

GTA Online players can select multiple upgrades at once. On the bottom left side, they will be given a total amount of their purchase costs. If they have enough money, they can click on "Buy" and complete the transactions.

Players only have three Cabs for their MOC, so they have to choose their upgrades very carefully.

The bunker mechanic can add further upgrades


GTA Online players with a Weapon and Vehicle Workshop can also talk to a specialized mechanic. Chester McCoy will help them out with their custom vehicles. Whether it's the HVY Nightshark or the Oppressor Mk II, players will get every bang for their buck.

For this reason, a fully upgraded MOC is worth the investment.

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