Top 3 Weapon Workshops to buy in GTA Online

Getting started at the workbench (Image via via Reddit/GHZone)
Getting started at the workbench (Image via via Reddit/GHZone)
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With many of GTA Online's businesses and vehicles having space for the Weapon Workshop, there's no real shortage of places for players to start in terms of upgrading their weapons.

This article hopes to shed some light on which Weapon Workshop location will suit players the best.

GTA Online: The three best Weapon Workshops players can buy

1) The Avenger


This has to be one of the top places GTA Online players should buy a Weapon Workshop, simply because of the fact that the Avenger is a flying gunship fortress.

Coming with a hefty price tag of $3,450,000, this monster of a machine is well worth the investment if money is not a concern. The Weapon Workshop can be added for its usual price in GTA Online, as well as a Vehicle Workshop and extra cannons for more damage.

Utilizing the Smugglers Run update, GTA Online players can customize their Avenger however they like. If players also want to be joined by their friends in GTA Online to wreak havoc around the city, then three players will each have a gun turret to fire from, once the appropriate upgrades have been purchased.

2) Mobile Operations Center (MOC)


The MOC is very maneuverable and speedy, despite it being a large vehicle. It even outruns its competitor, The Terrorbyte, in speed tests. GTA Online players will be making a solid choice when deciding to put their Weapon Workshop inside the MOC.

Not to mention, it is virtually indestructible, being able to withstand up to 18 rocket strikes. With add-on cannons, much like the Avenger turrets, crews can get together and raise hell in GTA Online.

GTA Online players must own a Bunker before they can buy their MOC. Once inside the Bunker, the new purchase can be fully upgraded for a pretty penny.

The MOC is the perfect place for a Weapon Workshop so GTA Online players can modify their weapons wherever they choose. Players have even driven to the top of Mt. Chiliad in this amazing machine.

3) The Terrorbyte


Even though The Terrorbyte is outshined in some aspects when pitted against The Avenger and the MOC, it is still a great choice for a Weapon Workshop location. Not only is it very quick and mobile, but it boasts something no other vehicle in GTA Online does.

GTA Online players love The Terrorbyte so much because right next to where players add their Weapon Workshop is a workshop designed to upgrade the Opressor MKII.

If GTA Online players want to modify their weapons and then jet off in their newly upgraded Opressor MKII, for example, it couldn't be easier.

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