How to make money in GTA Online from diamonds in the Diamond Casino Heist

Diamonds are only in the vault during events in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)
Diamonds are only in the vault during events in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)

Like every Thursday in GTA Online, all the deals, discounts, bonuses, and cars will be refreshed this Thursday. However, there is one intricate change that will alter what players do this week.

The Diamond Casino Heist changed its mechanics and introduced two new things: variable loot pools and new approaches.

Variable loot pool implies a randomized primary loot item in the casino vault. It cycles through cash, gold, paintings, and diamonds. However, diamonds spawn only during events and have the highest payout. Here's what GTA players should do to get diamonds more often.

GTA Online players are going to be grinding the Diamond Casino Heist a lot this week

[July 7 - July 18]Podium: SugoiPrize Ride: Zion Classic (Top 5 in Car Meet Races, 3 days in row)Diamonds available for regular players, ~18% chance3x GTA$ & RP on- Freemode Casino Work2x GTA$ & RP on- Overtime Shootout- Open Wheel Races- Gerald's Last Play#GTAOnline

A tweet made by an industry insider, TezFunz2, reads that the vault at the Diamond Casino will contain diamonds as the primary loot. Note that the rarity of the spawn is set at 18%, and it is the same for all regular players of GTA Online.

For the uninitiated, the Diamond Casino Heist features a mechanic that switches the primary loot in the vault each time. On normal days, players can crack open the safes and obtain

  • Cash: $2,115,000
  • Artwork: $2,350,000
  • Gold: $2,585,000
Casino Heist vault content chances:Cash - ~37%Artwork - ~28%Gold - ~18%Diamonds - ~15%#GTAOnline

This alters the maximum potential take earned from the heist each time. Gold, being the most valuable on regular days, spawns for the least amount of time.

Rockstar Games changed the rules for diamonds, as they only spawn in the vault during special events. To commemorate Independence Week, the chances of diamonds being spotted have been increased by 18%.

Diamonds, being the most valuable item on the list, pay out the most at $3.6 million. This also makes the DCH the second highest paying heist out of the eight.

How to loot diamonds everytime in the DCH?


There is an old glitch that many GTA Online players have repeatedly abused to get diamonds as loot. However, in their defense, diamonds are only added two to three times a year, and this was done when there was no Cayo Perico.

Gamers can follow these steps to get diamonds every time.

  • Start the Casino Heist and click the vault contents setup.
  • Go to the casino, hack the security terminal, and access the cameras.
  • Check the vault to see what's inside. If it's diamonds, go ahead and do the heist.
  • If not, call Lester and opt to cancel the Diamond Casino Heist.
  • This will trick the system into thinking that the heist prep is complete.
  • Head back to the Arcade and set up the Heist again.
  • Now the vault contents will change to something other than what was scoped out.

This method can be repeated until diamonds spawn in the vault. However, there is a slight flaw to this method, each time the heist is reset, players will have to pay $25K.

Another more efficient method involves a similar approach, but players have to pay $25K only once.

  • Players should set their spawn location to either arcade or last location for hassle-free resetting.
  • Players can then start the heist by paying $25K to set up the heist and do the vault contents mission.
  • Players can then call Lester and cancel the heist if the contents are not to their liking.
  • The next step is to go back to the arcade and set up the mission again.
  • When the game asks for the setup money, disconnect from the internet and then press Enter.
  • The vault contents should show up immediately without doing the mission.
  • If it changes to diamonds, quickly connect to the internet again as GTA Online kicks players to single-player mode after 5-10 seconds of having no connection.
  • If diamonds do not show up, players should wait for the game to kick them back into single-player mode.
  • Then they should reconnect to the internet and jump back into online mode. Selecting an invite-only lobby will be the fastest.
  • After loading up, players should spawn back at the arcade and still be able to see the new vault content instantly after setting up the heist.

Although a little more tedious, this method saves a lot of money, which is not very easy to earn in GTA Online.

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