How much money is needed for buying all cars and weapons in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update?

GTA Online will get allegedly 18 new vehicles during the Criminal Enterprises DLC (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online will get allegedly 18 new vehicles during the Criminal Enterprises DLC (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Criminal Enterprises DLC for GTA Online is mere hours away and fans are getting impatient. Although Rockstar Games has informed players about the contents of the update via multiple Newswires and a trailer, fans have also learned a lot from various leaks.

A recent leak from the GTAforums site told players about the supposed number and names of the new vehicles that will be added to the game. Being experienced in Rockstar's ways, Tez2 has estimated the money it would take to buy all of them.

GTA Online players will need to grind a fair bit to buy all the new content

In terms of how much you need, 10M to 15M should cover up the new vehicles on release day. 30M covers up all the vehicles including dripfeed.900k should cover up the new weapons.#GTAOnline

Following the leak shared on GTAforums, there will be a total of 18 new vehicles coming to the game via the Criminal Enterprises DLC. Rockstar has already revealed the Lampadati Corsita via the latest GTA+ newswire and it will be exclusive to the next-gen consoles with Expanded and Enhanced.

As is customary, it is unlikely that the developers will release all the cars on the first day and fans know some of them will be dripfed.

Keeping all this in mind, Tez2's tweet says that players would need roughly $10-$15 million to buy all the cars that will be released with the DLC on day one. However, the amount increases to around $30 million if they wish to acquire the vehicles that will be dripfed later.

Apart from this, Tez2 also informed players about the prices of the two new weapons that will be added to GTA Online. According to the insider, the tactical assault rifle and bolt-action sniper will have an accumulated cost of $900K. Considering the high price point, this probably includes all the upgrades and ammunition.

That being said, this is not official information from Rockstar Games and fans should take it with a pinch of salt.

New vehicles and more

DLC Info by @WildBrick142 - 18 New vehicles (dripfeed included)- 4 New Bennys vehicles- New events like Ammunation Delivery, dealing with troublemakers at the Nightclub or collecting a dufflebag for the Clubhouse- Metal Detector…

Tez2 also shared WildBrick142's leak from GTAForums yesterday, revealing a lot about the upcoming DLC.

The first and probably the most important point states that the update will introduce a total of 18 new vehicles. This includes dripfed and the new Benny's vehicles. They are:

  • Lampadati Corsita
  • Conada
  • Draugur
  • Greenwood
  • Kanjosj
  • LM87
  • Omnis eGT
  • Postlude
  • Rhinehart
  • Ruiner 4
  • SM722
  • Tenf
  • Torero2
  • Vigero2
  • Brioso (Brioso 3)
  • Sentinel Classic (Sentinel 4)
  • Tenf (Tenf 2)
  • Weevil (Weevil 2)

The last four vehicles are counted as new cars because they will have the ability to equip Benny's upgrades. On the other hand, the Omnis eGT and Greenwood will be Imani-Tech automobiles.

Additionally, the leak also emphasized that the Expanded and Enhanced vehicles, and workshop will not be coming to PC.

However, players can call Tony Prince for a limo ride and also find metal detectors as collectibles.

A previous leak from alloc8or also informed players about multiple new additions coming to the game. It mentioned two rifles, 26 new vehicle slots and an activity outside San Andreas, among others. Most of theses have been verified since Rockstar released more information regarding the Criminal Enterprises DLC.

However, fans should never blindly trust leaks and always wait for an official word. The update is just a few hours away and everything will be crystal clear soon.

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