How to play Top Fun in GTA Online for 2x bonuses this week

Top Fun in GTA Online gives 2x bonuses this week (Image via Sportskeeda)
Top Fun in GTA Online gives 2x bonuses this week (Image via Sportskeeda)

In its latest article on Newswire, Rockstar Games has presented the perfect opportunity for GTA Online players to make hay while the sun shines. Throughout the week, they can earn double the rewards for various activities in Los Santos, including Top Fun.

GTA Online has a plethora of exciting and fun missions, and Top Fun is one of them. It is a series of three famous tasks and can be played by two to eight users simultaneously.

The objectives of this mission are similar to Cops 'n' Crooks: One for All in GTA 4. However, there are a few fundamental differences.

Overview of Top Fun in GTA Online


These co-op missions involve two teams — runners and hunters — each with different objectives. The former can complete the task using Sanchez dirt bikes, sports cars, or Mallards, while hunters play in P-996 Lazer fighter jets. Unlike the Cops' n' Crooks mission, runners only require one person to make it to the endpoint.

Runners must go to a yellow spot in San Andreas by locating it using their GPS. However, hunters must take down all of the runners before they reach their destination, using the jet's weapons, including canons and missiles.

The mission automatically ends if all gamers from one team on either side are eliminated. They all get only a single chance to complete their respective parts in the mission since there is only one life.

There are three mission variants available for this mission in GTA Online:

  1. Top Fun I - In this variant, runners are to escape to the Terminal, riding the Sanchez dirtbike, starting on the Fort Zancudo Approach Road. Hunters start the mission in Fort Zancudo.
  2. Top Fun II – For this mission variant, runners can use sports cars such as Voltics or Coquettes to flee, starting their run from the exterior of the Los Santos International Airport. The hunters begin from the interior.
  3. Top Fun III – This variant is a little difficult for runners who attempt to reach LSIA in Mallards in foggy weather, making fleeing difficult but also helping them conceal themselves. In this, the runners start at McKenzie Airfield while the hunters start in Fort Zancudo.

Because Rockstar is offering 2x GTA$ and RP for the mission this week, players must make it across the map in one piece to make the most out of it.

How to play Top Fun in GTA Online


To start the mission, users must press Options, then click on the online tab. From there, they can click on Jobs > Play Jobs > Rockstar Created Jobs > Versus > Top Fun.

Once they click on confirm, the mission gets started. To earn 2x bonuses, gamers can consider some tips mentioned below:

Teamwork is key

Since Top Fun is a co-op mission, teamwork is unarguably the secret to success. It is essential to have good coordination between the teammates to either reach the destination unscathed or take the opponent down.

Using only life wisely

Since players from both teams only have a single life to complete the mission, staying alive for as long as possible is imperative.

Split up

It is one of the basic rules to escape chases successfully. It is easier when users are running on their own. The runners are the ones who control the outcome of the missions since they only require one person to make it to the endpoint.

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The mission's name references the 1986 movie Top Gun, where the two protagonists are fighter pilots. Top Fun can be unlocked by achieving Rank 10, and it pays $1000 in GTA money on successful completion.

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