How to upgrade the nightclub in GTA Online?

Players should expand their nightclub operations
Players should expand their nightclub operations (Image via Rockstar Games)

2022 has been a great year to own a nightclub in GTA Online, so players should consider renovating them. Nightclubs are very profitable in this game, since they provide lucrative businesses and passive income.

Experts and beginners alike can make a lot of money running a club. However, it's highly recommended that they upgrade their nightclubs. Otherwise, they will miss out on several key features in GTA Online.

There are a few ways to upgrade a nightclub in GTA Online. Custom renovations are the lifeblood of any good business. Of course, players need to know what’s right for them. That said, each of these upgrades costs a lot of money.

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GTA Online players can upgrade their nightclub through various methods

Players should first visit Maze Bank Foreclosures


You need to pull up your phone and click on the blue icon for the internet browser. Shortly afterwards, you will be redirected to the main web portal. Maze Bank Foreclosures will be among the first advertisements. You can use this website to buy various properties in GTA Online.

There is an option to filter out properties by clicking on "Nightclubs" in the top right corner. Upon clicking on the orange icon, you will be given the option to "Renovate" your nightclub.

There are six custom upgrades available in this game. However, their efficiency depends on what the player is looking for. It can range from decorative to demonstrably functional.

These are the upgrades in question


GTA Online players will have to spend money if they want to make any money. It might seem like a contradiction, but short-term actions will have long-term consequences. Head over to Maze Bank Foreclosures to find the following upgrades for your nightclub:

  • Nightclub Style with three color schemes ($175,000 to $300,000)
  • Lights Rigs with four custom options ($88,000 to $295,000)
  • Nightclub Name from nine different choices ($33,500)
  • Storage for extra warehouse and garage space (Up to $2,143,900)
  • Dancers with three different styles ($213,500 to $255,000)
  • Dry Ice for more atmosphere ($345,000)

With the exception of storage facilities, all these upgrades are purely cosmetic. Storage has the most practical usage in GTA Online. Not only can you store more vehicles, you can also add more room for warehouse products.

The main office computer also has a few exclusive upgrades


Remember, some upgrades won't be available on Maze Bank Foreclosures. Once you register as a CEO/VIP via the SecuroServ app, you can access the main computer inside your nightclub office. You can scroll down to "Upgrades" for the following renovations:

  • Equipment Upgrade ($1,425,000) - Warehouse technicians improve their productivity
  • Staff Upgrade ($475,000) - Reduces popularity loss in the nightclub
  • Security Upgrade ($695,000) - Brings down potential enemy attacks

These upgrades will also have the following impact in GTA Online:

  • Equipment Upgrade - Doubles crate production, adds more computers and TVs
  • Staff Upgrade - Brings in more barmaids and bouncers in the club
  • Security Upgrade - Includes a gun locker, extra security guards, and even reduces Help/Raid missions

If you want to run a highly successful nightclub, these renovations will be very helpful in the long run, whether it's maintaining popularity or speeding up warehouse production. The first two upgrades should be the main priority, along with the aforementioned storage facilities.

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