5 best ways to make money in GTA Online in 2022

Best ways to make money in GTAO in 2022
Best ways to make money in GTAO in 2022

Grinding and making money will always be the primary aim of GTA Online players. Whether it's for fast cars, expensive houses, or luxurious yachts, money was, and will always be, the X-factor. The game offers a ton of ways to make petty cash.

There are several ways, especially after the Criminal Enterprise Update, by which players can earn a hefty amount of money. From pulling contract missions to delivering special cargo, this article focuses on five ways to make money in GTA Online in 2022.

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Ranking 5 best GTA Online missions to make money in 2022

5) Ammu-Nation Contract


GTA Online players can now sell excess weapon parts from their bunkers to the Ammu Nation stores. Players get 15 minutes to deliver the order in a Duneloader. Completing it for the first time will give them $150,000 which later reduces to $50,000 per shipment.

The delivery stores are completely random and players can be sent to any Ammu-Nation store spread across the map. While enemy parties will attack and prevent them from completing the delivery, they can be easily tackled.

4) Bike Service Delivery from MC Clubhouse


In addition to the Criminal Enterprise update, GTA Online players will occasionally receive a customer’s bike for customization and delivery at their MC Clubhouse. The modification will cost $10,000 and upon successful delivery, they will receive $150,000 for the first time, which later reduces to $60,000 per delivery.

Modification instructions are given but they can customize the vehicles according to their choice as well. However, this might affect the customer’s behavior and if they are not satisfied, they can reduce the payment. Also, if the vehicle faces any damage during delivery, the payment gets deducted accordingly.

3) Export Mixed Goods


To start this mission in GTA Online, players need to visit their own Executive Office and register as a CEO. From there, they will have to talk to their office assistant, who will provide them with the mission to export mixed goods from their warehouse.

After starting it, players need to visit their warehouse and deliver a loaded truck to the delivery location at the dock. Occasionally, enemy NPCs or police may appear, but they can be easily tackled.

Players get 15 minutes to deliver the goods and a successful delivery will be rewarded with $50,000.

2) Payphone Hits


Just as Lester gave payphone missions to Franklin in GTA 5, Franklin gives payphone hit missions to the players in GTA Online. To unlock them, they need to own an Agency first.

These missions appear through phone booths spread across the map or players can simply call Franklin and request one. However, there is a cooldown of 20 minutes between each payphone mission.

Players can earn a base amount of $15,000 for completing these missions and an extra $70,000 bonus for completing them the way Franklin asks them to do, which makes it a total of 85k GTA$ for a few minutes of work.

1) Dr. Dre's Contract


Right after the Cayo Perico heist, Dr. Dre's VIP Contract missions are the best way to make money in GTA Online. To access them, players need to own an agency first.

The setup missions usually take around 10-15 mins. The entire contract can be completed within 1.5-2 hours. First-time players also have to wait a few minutes for a call from the Agency telling them they can proceed to the next setup mission.

The Dr. Dre Contract pays $1 million straight to the player after completion. Plus, some of the setup missions also pay around $10,000.

Apart from these, players can also make Autoshop deliveries, weekly Time Trials, RC Time Trials, and HSW Time Trials (available only for console players) to earn a great amount of money. The 2x$ and 3x$ weekly missions are also good options to make a great deal of cash.

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