Why the addition of Franklin and Dr. Dre could be the start of something new for GTA Online

Dr. Dre and Franklin changed the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dr. Dre and Franklin changed the game (Image via Sportskeeda)

Last month, GTA Online received one of the most highly anticipated DLCs of all time. The new content introduced Dr. Dre and other celebrity guest stars to the game. It also re-introduced the GTA community to an old friend, Franklin Clinton.

Many players believe that adding Dre and Franklin to the agency could really be the start of something new for GTA Online. It opens up a world of possibilities to take on new celebrity VIP clients and ensuring that 'The Contract' DLC will keep expanding.

This article will discuss how the addition of Dre and Franklin could mean the start of something new and exciting for GTA Online.

The sky is the limit in GTA Online thanks to Franklin and Dr. Dre

GTA Online players work well with Dr. Dre and Franklin (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online players work well with Dr. Dre and Franklin (Image via Sportskeeda)

In 'The Contract' DLC, GTA Online players have gone into business with Franklin and now cater to the rich and famous from their agency, F. Clinton & Partners. Rockstar recently made a statement that many players feel is a huge clue to the introduction of more VIP contracts to GTA Online. In a Rockstar Newswire post, they had this to say:

"Help Franklin with his first VIP contract and you'll be duly rewarded for aiding an old friend while also making new connections in the music industry." - Rockstar Games

This sounds like a clear hint to many GTA Online fans that there will possibly be more VIP contract missions to come with various music artists. This would make sense as there are a number of artists in GTA Online, amongst those that have featured in the franchise over the years, that should certainly make an appearance in the game.


After starting with Dre as the first big client for F. Clinton & Partner, Rockstar has already set the bar very high for musicians that could join the game.

How Franklin can change the game with F. Clinton & Partner

 Franklin (Image via YouTube/TheBamboozler)
Franklin (Image via YouTube/TheBamboozler)

Since the players last saw Franklin in 2013, he has been up to a lot. Now in 'The contract' DLC, fans have found that he has started his own agency to work for the rich and famous of Los Santos and beyond. When players join the agency with him, they succeed in getting Dr. Dre as their first VIP client.

This is the best start Franklin and GTA Online players can imagine for their new company. After having succeeded with such a huge client, especially with getting 'the nod' from Dr. Dre at the end, there is no doubt F. Clinton & Partner will attract more and more famous people to work with in the game.

Opening the agency was the best move Franklin and GTA Online players could have made and it definitely means something new for the future of GTA Online.

What does Dr. Dre's addition mean for the future of GTA Online

GTA Online's favorite star (Image via Rolling Stone)
GTA Online's favorite star (Image via Rolling Stone)

GTA Online fans could not imagine a much bigger hip-hop star to be in the game. After Dr. Dre made his appearance in 'The Contract' DLC, fans believe that almost any celebrity might show up next.

The fact that Dre's new music in the game features artists like Andreson Paak, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and Snoop Dogg, is very exciting to the players. It would not be impossible to believe any of Dre's music industry friends could now make an appearance. Especially after Rockstar was seen posting about more artists than just Dre.

Many players hope to see Dre's old friend, Eminem, or his new protoge, Andreson Paak, appear on the VIP contract list next.

Une collaboration Dr. Dre & Eminem arrive sur GTA Online dans le cadre du Dlc The Contract mercredi #GTAOnline #DrDre #Eminem #RockstarGames…

Since the agency has just started off, was successful, and is on good terms with Dr. Dre, it's very likely that there will be more to come. The acceptance of the DLC by the community seems like it will be a major factor in Rockstar's further decisions as well.

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