Is GTA+ worth buying after the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises summer update?

Players need to be careful how they spend their money (Image via Rockstar Games)
Players need to be careful how they spend their money (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA+ membership rewards have finally been renewed with the arrival of GTA Online Criminal Enterprises.

The summer update has been hotly anticipated for a few weeks now. There has never been an easier time for players to make a lot of money in this game. Businesses can now be run in private sessions, so they no longer have to worry about griefers ruining their missions.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises isn't the only new content update for this game. By paying $5.99 this month, GTA+ members will also gain exclusive rewards. The question remains whether or not it's worth the purchase.

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Do players really need to get GTA+ membership for GTA Online Criminal Enterprises?

Here's what members get this month

June 26 doesn't just mark the arrival of GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. It also means that GTA+ membership rewards have been renewed. Rockstar always changes it every month or so.

Here are the GTA+ benefits from now until August 31:

  • Rockstar will send $500,000 in the player's bank account
  • A free Lampadati Corsita sports car (normally costs $1,795,000)
  • Players no longer pay organization fees, including Vehicle Requests
  • Executive Offices get a free garage and safe from Dynasty Executive 8
  • Operation Paper Trail will have a 50% reward bonus for completing missions
  • Players will get free clothing accessories sent to their wardrobe
  • Shark cards will have a 15% cash bonus

Businesses have been given a major spotlight in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update. Unsurprisingly, the paid subscription reflects this mentality. That is why a few of the rewards focus on players running their organizations.

Are these benefits worth the paid subscription?

Honestly, only a few of these rewards are useful. With that said, players can also avoid a few hours of grinding. They just need to look at what they're saving. For example, the Lampadati Corsita is a brand new sports car in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, with a hefty price tag of $1,795,000.

Office garages also range from $745,000 to $1,150,000, while the money safe costs $335,000. With GTA+ membership this month, players could save anywhere between $2,875,000 and $3,280,000.

However, only the office garage is a basic necessity. The money safe isn't particularly useful in this game. Meanwhile, there are cheaper alternatives for a fancy sports car. The Corsita isn't even the best vehicle in this update, since the Greenwood and Omnis e-GT have Imani Tech.

Final verdict

$5.99 may not seem like a lot of money, but players should know the value of what they're spending it on. For the most part, GTA+ membership has rarely been worth it. That hasn't changed much with GTA Online Criminal Enterprises.

GTA+ members can only save money by spending real money. This feature is useful if players simply don't want to grind for the latest vehicle. However, this is a major indictment of the game itself. If players would rather pay money to avoid playing the game longer, that is a problem.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises is still a welcome change that players should be excited for, but they won't be missing anything with the paid subscription.

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