New GTA+ benefits revealed ahead of GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update

Members get early access to a brand new vehicle (Image via Rockstar Games)
Members get early access to a brand new vehicle (Image via Rockstar Games)

Starting tomorrow, GTA+ membership will reset for the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises.

From July 26 to August 31, GTA+ members will be given access to exclusive rewards, which range from new vehicles to business upgrades. They will also get $500,000 delivered to their bank accounts. However, these features are exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

Rockstar has decided to reveal the new membership benefits ahead of the summer update. GTA Online Criminal Enterprises is a major event that will redefine the series. With that in mind, some players can stay one step ahead by paying $5.99 a month.

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GTA Online Criminal Enterprises will have the following GTA+ benefits

Introducing the Lampadati Corsita

Check out this fancy new ride (Image via Rockstar Games)
Check out this fancy new ride (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises will introduce several new vehicles in the game. Ahead of the summer update, Rockstar decided to spotlight a brand new sports car, the Lampadati Corsita.

It will likely cost a few million dollars for regular players, given the historical predence of these vehicles. However, GTA+ members can get it for free as early as tomorrow. They just need to visit the Legendary Motorsport website.

Rockstar will also be offering two exclusive liveries for this vehicle. Members can either get the Graphic Montage or the Geometric Shapes. Players can apply these paint jobs by going into a personal Auto Shop.

Several business upgrades


GTA Online Criminal Enterprises will heavily prioritize various businesses. CEOs, VIPs and MC Presidents will now have free organizational abilities, just as long as they are GTA+ members.

They will no longer have to pay fines just for using Bribe Authorities and Ghost Organization. Members also don't have to spend money on vehicle requests.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises also provides a free garage and safe for GTA+ members. They just need to visit the website for Dynasty Executive 8. Members can even run into Special Items during the Special Cargo missions, but only until August 31.

50% rewards for Operation Paper Trail

The IAA smells a criminal conspiracy. Agent ULP will be in touch with the new Operation Paper Trail, commissioning 1-4 players as sworn-in agents to investigate the local petrochemical magnates, the Duggans, to see if they’re the invisible hand behind spiraling oil prices.

Operation Paper Trail is a new storyline mission for GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. Players can finally be recruited as IAA agents. They need to figure out whether or not the Duggan family is behind the recent spike in gas prices. GTA+ members will be given a 50% bonus in cash rewards and reputation points.

New clothing items

Players should always look their best (Image via Rockstar Games)
Players should always look their best (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players always love to make a fashion statement. Members can also show off with some free stuff. Starting with the summer update, they will receive the following clothing items:

  • Apricot Perseus Cap
  • Gold Beat Off Earphones
  • Apricot Perseus Track Pants

Members will just need to log in anytime between tomorrow and August 31. The brand new clothes will show up in their wardrobe.

Shark Card bonuses

You know gta is desperate for someone to buy a shark card when they offer you a deal to buy a megalodon card but then in turn its not even a deal at 85$ #GTAOnline #GTA

Just like every other month, GTA+ members get extra in-game money from buying Shark Cards. Each one gives a 15% bonus in cash. These can be purchased from the Pause Menu on next-gen consoles.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises will finally drop tomorrow. At the very least, Rockstar is letting members know what to expect with this month's benefits.

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