What is Special Cargo in GTA Online and how to make money with it?

The Special Cargo warehouse is extremely lucrative (Image via
The Special Cargo warehouse is extremely lucrative (Image via

The Special Cargo warehouse is one of the most popular ways to make the big bucks in GTA Online.

While the warehouse does not support the idea of passive income, the blood, sweat, and tears going into sourcing and selling crates are worth it. Of course, there are other ways to generate a steady source of income in GTA Online, but the Cargo Warehouse is not so famous for no reason.

Passive sources of income may not require a lot of elbow-greasing, but they hardly churn out enough to live with. Most players don't fancy the idea of minimalist living, at least not in the game. GTA Online is all about bathing in dollars.

The Special Cargo Warehouse may not be as profitable as the Vehicle Warehouse, but it's certainly rewarding in its own right. This article explains how players can make money with this feature in GTA Online.

All details about Special Cargo Warehouse in GTA Online


A cargo warehouse is essentially an underground facility unit that allows players to store stolen contraband until it's sold to a dealer.

GTA Online features three kinds of warehouses: small, medium, and large. The profitability of a warehouse depends on how many crates it can store at a time. Small warehouses can store 16 crates, medium warehouses 42, and large warehouses can house 111 crates at the same time.

The best way to maximize profit and save time is to sell as many crates at a time as possible. The list below shows how much each kind of warehouse costs in GTA Online.

  • Small warehouses ($250,000 - $400,000) - can host 16 crates
  • Medium Warehouses ($880,000 - $1,017,000) - 42
  • Large warehouses ($1,900,000 - $3,500,000) - 111
  • Selling 1 crate at a time can generate $132,000 per hour
  • Selling 2 crates at a time can generate $189,000 per hour
  • Selling 3 crates at a time can generate $286,000 per hour.

Selling CEO crates is an excellent way to make decent money in GTA Online. Players must, however, keep in mind that the source missions featured for this business aren't exactly fun, and griefers are always lurking around the corner, waiting to blow up the crates and claim the bounty.

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