New leak gives early glimpse at GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update

It's gonna be a blast from the past (Image via Rockstar Games)
It's gonna be a blast from the past (Image via Rockstar Games)

Reliable insiders from the GTA Forums have already spread more leaks in regards to GTA Online Criminal Enterprises.

The highly anticipated update will be dropping tomorrow, July 26th. The game will bring various business protections and upgrades, along with several anti-griefing measures put into place.

Nonetheless, some leakers decided to take a sneak peak at GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. Over at GTA Forums, user @WildBrick142 has dropped more details about the summer update. The leaker also confirmed everything that @alloc8or said in a previous post.

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GTA Online Criminal Enterprises leaks hint at a host of new features in the game

18 new vehicles are on the way

Greenwood car in GTA Vice City.

@WildBrick142 apparently looked into the game files and found something interesting. Rockstar is planning on releasing 18 new vehicles, although it's likely going to be spread throughout the course of the year.

Here's the full list of vehicles that @WildBrick142 mentioned in their post:

"corsita, conada, draugur, greenwood, "kanjosj", lm87, omnisegt, postlude, rhinehart, ruiner4, sm722, tenf, torero2, vigero2 new benny vehicles are: brioso (brioso3), sentinel classic (sentinel4) tenf (tenf2), and weevil (weevil2)."

GTA San Andreas players may recognize the Greenwood from this list as Sweet used to ride this classic sedan back in Grove Street.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises will mark its return to the series after well over a decade. Greenwood last appeared in GTA Vice City Stories, a game released in 2006. It will also be the first time the vehicle has shown up in the HD Universe. Better yet, it will also have Imani Tech features.

PC players will still be left in the dust

Still no Expanded And Enhanced on pc LMAO

Back in March, the game was updated with the Expanded and Enhanced versions. Players have access to exclusive features like Hao's Special Works. However, it's only available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

@WildBrick142 says PC players shouldn't hold their breath just yet:

"no, e&e vehicles & hsw stuff is not coming to pc."

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises will be available for all systems. However, there will be a few restrictions on exclusive content. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players will still get all the good stuff.

Businesses will have extra activities on the side

The Criminal Enterprises features a number of improvements:•Operating your businesses (including sales) in private sessions•Reducing the Oppressor Mk II's missile and countermeasure effectiveness•Increasing GTA$ payouts for Races, Heists, &

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises will have a stronger focus on various businesses. @WildBrick142 also states that there will be more variety in the summer update. Whether they are biker gangs or corrupt executives, they will be given a lot more to do in this game:

"there are new events like ammunation delivery, dealing with troublemakers at the nightclub or collecting a dufflebag for the clubhouse."

Rockstar likely intends to break up the usual monotony of running a business. The GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update will ensure that players spend more time with their businesses, given the bonus payouts.

Miscellaneous information

The pause music on The Ballad of Gay Tony was an absolute VIBE #GTAIV

Last but not least, there will be a few more features in the upcoming GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. For instance, players can always call Tony Prince for a limo ride. In the meantime, they can also find metal detectors in the game — it will likely be used to find extra cash on the side.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises launches tomorrow, so players don't have to wait very long. The summer update will have several features in store for them.

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