Is the Ocelot F620 worth it in GTA Online?

The glorious Ocelot F620 (Image via Shark R/YouTube)
The glorious Ocelot F620 (Image via Shark R/YouTube)

The Ocelot F620 has been in GTA Online for as long as gamers can remember. It is one of the slickest looking cars that can be found on the streets of Los Santos, usually in more affluent areas like Vinewood.

If gamers prefer to own their vehicles legitimately then they can purchase this beautiful car from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website. It will only cost them $80,000.

This article will discuss if the Ocelot F620 is worth it in GTA Online. Buying, finding, owning and customizing.

The Ocelot F620 is a very recognizeable GTA Online car


This car was first featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony and clearly takes its inspiration from the Maserati GranTurismo and the Jaguar XK models. It also shares some design similarities with some Aston Martin models.

The car has a great top speed of 117.5mph and can accelerate from 0-60 in less than five seconds. Unfortunately this vehicle is not ideal for races as its back is inclined to kick out on sharp turns and it is prone to oversteering. With otherwise very good handling, this luxury two-door sports car and grand tourer does make for a fantastic getaway car.

If this car could talk, it would say "I'm having a midlife crisis". Just cheaper than the divorce that'll result from having an affair with your personal assistant, but the two are by no means mutually exclusive.” - Southern San Andreas Super Autos description.

The car may cost less than $100,000 on the Los Santos Super Autos website, but players can clearly spend a lot more on customization and upgrades.


By taking the Ocelot to the Arena Wars Workshop, fans are able to customize it with the general improvements such as armor, engine upgrades, finer tuning and lower suspensions to name but a few.

Once gamers make these upgrades to the once-common GTA Online vehicle, they will be able to master its control and perhaps even take into the racing class.

Is the Ocelot F620 worth it?

For such a reasonably-priced car in the game, the Ocelot F620 is absolutely worth its money. Also by adding it to a collection of upgraded low-cost cars, GTA Online fans should see it proving its worth.

Not only is this a good deal for players money-wise, its overall handling and visuals also make it one of the better 'affordable' cars on GTA Online's roster.

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