List of all snapshot locations in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

GTA's finest photographer (Image via GTA Series Videos/YouTube)
GTA's finest photographer (Image via GTA Series Videos/YouTube)
Chris Black

GTA San Andreas has many collectible side-missions, from underwater clams to photography locations.

The snapshot collectible in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is a mission where CJ must find 50 "snapshot" locations across the map. This side-mission helps in obtaining the 100% completion that so many GTA players strive for.

GTA San Andreas snapshot locations in full

The above video is a fantastic guide for GTA players. Below is a comprehensive descriptive list of all snapshot locations in the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

  1. Red County Bridge - Above trees
  2. Easter Bay Airport - Entrance
  3. Easter Bay Airport - Between to fuel tanks
  4. Easer Bay Airport - Above control tower
  5. Foster Valley - South, next to the freeway
  6. Foster Valley - On top of circular building
  7. Missionary Hill - Next to the radio tower
  8. San Fierro - Above south-west San Fierro exit bridge
  9. Avispa Country Club - Inside the bell tower
  10. Avispa Country Club - Above the tennis courts
  11. Ocen Flats - Atop the church-style building
  12. Hashbury - East of the church-style building over a gate
  13. Garcia - In front of Finalbuild construction sign
  14. Garcia - Above the Hashbury and Garcia joint festival banner
  15. Queens - By the lampost in front of the Hippy Shopper store
  16. Queens - Above theatre building entrance
  17. King's - In front of CJ's hotel apartment entrance
  18. Queens - Behind CJ's hotel apartment building
  19. City Hall - At the west entrance
  20. City Hall - By the domed building nearest the sea on the west
  21. Queens - Atop a factory chimney
  22. King's - Next to a pagoda-style rooftop
  23. Chinatown - Next to CJ's apartment
  24. Juniper Hil - Above the super discount store
  25. Palisades - Inside the Tuff Nut Donuts shop giant donut
  26. Juniper Hollow - In front of the rotating Burger Shot sign
  27. Gant Bridge - High on the bridge's first tower support
  28. San Fierro Bay - On the container ship above the control room
  29. Esplanade North - Above the submarine at a western dock
  30. Esplanade North - In front of the Pier 69 sign
  31. Esplanade North - Among some rocks at the north-west corner of the docks
  32. Financial - Halfway up a sizeable patterned office building
  33. Calton Heights - Above the underpass entrance
  34. Calton Heights - On the winding road modeled off Lombard Street, San Fransisco
  35. Downtown - Next to the raised statue of a man in the park
  36. Financial - On top of a tall radio tower on a large building
  37. San Fierro - In front of the clock tower near the northern ports
  38. Downtown - Inside a large open building in a helix-style installment
  39. Downtown - Between the large building behind the mechanics near CJ's garage
  40. Downtown - Above the Garver bridge leaving Downtown San Fierro
  41. Garver Bridge - Around the halfway mark of the bridge in the highest central point
  42. King's - Atop the tallest building on the block north of CJ's garage
  43. King's - behind the previous tall building, in front of a building-tower
  44. Garcia - Above the baseball field in front of Zero's store
  45. Doherty - Atop the crane in the construction site behind CJ's garage
  46. Easter Basin - Above the rotating X sign at the gas station
  47. Easter Basin - Above the warship rockets
  48. Cranberry Station - in the center of the arc glass roof above the tracks
  49. Doherty - Down the hill toward the factories. Next to some cement tanks on a factory roof
  50. Easter Basin - High above the docks main building

GTA users who complete the snapshots will be rewarded

Once GTA gamers have completed the snapshot challenge in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition, they will be rewarded with some weapons and money. Each photo taken is worth $100, giving them a total of $5,000 for taking all 50 photos.

An additional $100,000 will be rewarded upon completion of the final snapshot. Finally, GTA players will receive a Micro Uzi, Pump-Action Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, and Grenades.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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