Dax revealed to be the contact coming to GTA Online with Winter DLC

You can see Dax on the bottom right
You can see Dax on the bottom right (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games recently revealed some new details about the upcoming Winter DLC update for GTA Online. One thing that some astute players might have noticed is a character named Dax. The newswire article doesn't mention him by name, but he does appear in one of the official screenshots as an iFruit Contact.

The new Winter DLC update will be "coming later this month," with no specific release date announced. There is plenty of new content to discuss in the upcoming sections, including some discussion on this mysterious Dax character.

All screenshots used in this article come from the recently released Rockstar Newswire post.

GTA Online's new Winter DLC update: Dax as a Contact, new changes, and more

Dax, the new contact confirmed.#GTAOnline

Although the official Newswire article doesn't discuss Dax's role, players can see his name and picture in the above screenshot. Rockstar has officially revealed that the upcoming update will feature the following in GTA Online:

"...some familiar faces and a new troupe of entrepreneurial misfits on a mission to expand the minds of the citizens of Los Santos, one trip at a time. Plus, expect a fleet of new vehicles, world events, Contact Missions, and more."

An old leak stated that Dax would be a new character who is apparently a Juggalo Boss. Not only that, but players will also work with a returning character. Rockstar Games recently confirmed that "some familiar faces" will appear in the Winter DLC, except no specific names are listed.

Other changes to look forward to in GTA Online's Winter DLC

You can get this car for free since GTA Online players passed The Heists Challenge 2022 (Image via Rockstar Games)
You can get this car for free since GTA Online players passed The Heists Challenge 2022 (Image via Rockstar Games)

Here is a list of several other known events that will occur in the Winter DLC update:

  • A free Declasse Tahoma Coupe
  • You can display or hide iFruit Contacts via the Interaction Menu
  • The Benefactor Terrorbyte can do Business Sell Missions in Invite Only Sessions
  • Agatha's Casino Story Missions will become available for solo players
  • PS5 and Xbox Series X will feature ray-traced reflections in real time on Fidelity Mode
  • Newly bought vehicles arrive at garages faster than before
  • You can request bicycles from the Mechanic now
  • You don't have to beat Hao's first race to unlock HSW upgrades
  • Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions now have a High Demand Bonus on Public Sessions
  • Triple payment on Smuggler's Sell Missions

Also, all Shark Cards will get 20~25% more value starting on December 6, 2022. Rockstar Games will reveal more information about this new update sometime in the upcoming weeks. Gamers will finally find out what its release date will be by then.

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