Grove Street Games reportedly no longer involved with GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

This might change many things about the game (Images via Rockstar Games)
This might change many things about the game (Images via Rockstar Games)

In a recent tweet, popular Rockstar Games informant Ben has revealed that Grove Street Games, the developers behind the GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition, are no longer involved with the franchise.

Ben discovered this after looking into a post on LinkedIn by Thomas Williamson, CEO of GSG, that pointed towards the fact that the company has been working on porting ARK to the Nintendo Switch since April and is now planning to explore new partnerships.

Ben clarified that this claim comes shortly after Tez2 and HeresHavi discovered a codebase directory change similar to the one that Rockstar Games has. This article will provide more details on this topic.

Grove Street Games may not be involved with GTA Trilogy anymore, according to a reliable insider

Looking at the aforementioned tweet, players can see the screenshot from the blog post by Thomas Williamson. In this post, Williamson clearly mentions that they are working on the ARK port for the Nintendo Switch and are open to new partnerships.

He also mentioned that multiple members of his team will be focused on ARK 2 as well. This is the main reason why many insiders and Rockstar Games critics have assumed that Grove Street Games will be moving on from GTA Trilogy.

Furthermore, Ben provided an update on which company may accept this responsibility:

This year, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, bought Zynga, which is one of the biggest mobile game developing companies for $12.7 billion. The news led to many many GTA fans predicting that Zynga would soon be involved with GTA Trilogy.

However, it's also possible that because of all of the controversies and criticism that the GTA Trilogy received upon release, Rockstar Games may start working on it more closely.

Currently, the game still has many bugs and issues that require attention, so having a different company look into it may be advantageous. Ben also revealed that the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy will be coming to the Epic Games Store and Steam in a new update to the Rockstar Games launcher:

The discovery may be connected to Grove Street Games' decision to move on from the project, but none of this news has been officially confirmed yet. At the very least, this means that players will get an alternative online store to purchase Grand Theft Auto Trilogy from.

This decision will definitely increase the accessibility that players have when it comes to buying Grand Theft Auto games, and Ben even theorized that this will most likely launch with an update.

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