What is the GTA 5 speedrun record?

Picture credits: burhac, YouTube
Picture credits: burhac, YouTube

Speedrunning, over the years, has emerged as a legitimate form of competitive gaming. While players aren't necessarily playing against each other in real-time, they are still competing for the quickest time. Many have also attempted a number of speedruns in huge games like GTA.

Speedrunning essentially means completing the entire game in the shortest amount of time possible. It became extremely popular in streams, as players would time their runs and compete with others for the quickest times.

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GTA 5 is a huge game, consisting of a single-player campaign that just by itself can take up to 30 hours to complete. Yet, speedrunners have clocked in blisteringly quick times in this game as well.

Record for the fastest speedrun of GTA 5

The Classic% Speedrun record for GTA 5 is currently 6:03:27 hours, held by burhac, as seen here on YouTube.


Speedrunners try to manipulate the game code to skip entire areas in games that have specific levels, but an open-world game like GTA 5 can be extremely tough to manipulate.

However, a 6-hour speedrun is nothing short of amazing for a game as big and expansive as GTA 5.


There are several "skips" and various different "runs", and the process is brilliantly explained by popular speedrunner heyZeusHeresToast as he completes FromSoftware's Bloodborne in just 34 minutes.

Speedruns are extremely fun to watch, especially in non-linear open-world games like GTA 5, where it is extremely difficult to make "skips" and "jumps" to manipulate the game code in order to finish it faster.

GTA 5 Speedrun diagram
GTA 5 speedrun diagram

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Linear games, or games that load up specific levels at a time, are easier to get through in a speedrun. This video, where the developers at ID Software watch a Doom Eternal speedrun, is especially entertaining as they see their game code being ripped apart by skips and jumps.


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