GTA 6 to include a Fortnite-like evolving map

Any news regarding GTA 6's map gets fans excited (Image via @GTA6Intel, Twitter)
Any news regarding GTA 6's map gets fans excited (Image via @GTA6Intel, Twitter)

GTA fans are bound to be excited when there's news regarding the next title's map. A recent report suggests that GTA 6 will be having an evolving map in the style of Fortnite.

There have been two prominent map leaks for GTA 6 over the years. Neither of these turned out to be reliable, as fans spotted multiple discrepancies in both. The fact that the next game will have an evolving map is not new information either.

Hence, this shouldn't come as a surprise to those who have been following all GTA 6 news. However, it is still significant since renowned games journalism website GameStop has confirmed it.

GTA 6 will include an evolving map similar to Fortnite

GameSpot has just confirmed Tom Henderson's report on GTA 6 having an evolving map similar to Fortnite. Henderson is a popular video games informer who has accurately reported on many Call of Duty and Battlefield games. He had disclosed earlier that GTA 6 might not have as massive a map as GTA 5.

Instead, the game is supposed to include a smaller map and possibly expand it with regular updates. While the size of the resulting map is debatable, it will undoubtedly change over time. This has been compared to Fortnite, which features revisions of the same map almost every season.

Fortnite's map is routinely updated by Epic Games during end-of-season events. However, many GTA fans did not like the comparison with Fortnite. One user pointed out that Rockstar has already implemented such a feature in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Project Americas rumor sparked massive hype, resulting in a fake Reddit post claiming to be a GTA 6 leak. The leaker stated that GTA 6 will have a changing timeline, similar to RDR2, where the map would change from the 1980s to the modern era.

Henderson and Schreier both denied the leak, and it appears unlikely that GTA 6 will have changing timelines. However, it would be interesting to see how Rockstar implements an evolving game map in the next GTA title.

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