GTA Online brings back Slashers event with a unique twist

GTA Online players can now face themselves in the new Slashers event (Image via Twitter)
GTA Online players can now face themselves in the new Slashers event (Image via Twitter)

The Slashers event is one of the most popular free-roam missions in GTA Online. It was first introduced with the Halloween event in 2021. While the event was later discontinued, Rockstar Games has reinstated the renowned random events in the game.

The 2022 version of the event retains all of its properties from the previous year except for a minor change. This year's Halloween event compels GTA Online players to confront their own version of the Slasher. While this may sound appealing, players should be aware that Slasher will outperform them in terms of skill.

What new twist did the Slashers event bring to GTA Online in 2022?

Tez2, a well-known Rockstar Games data miner, tweeted about the return of the Slasher event in GTA Online. The user urged players to stay within the predefined zones for the random event to occur. Tez2 adds to their explanation of the event by saying:

"You may find yourself facing the better, stronger, Expanded & Enhanced version of yourself."

This means that the new Slashers event will generate players' NPC versions to kill them. The NPC Player Slasher will have superior skills, power, and endurance. Gamers will have a difficult time defeating their doppelganger Slasher in Grand Theft Auto Online.


While seeing your mirrored self in real life is both fascinating and terrifying, meeting a hostile version of yourself will send shivers down your spine. Rockstar allowed players to combat themselves in the new Halloween event, prompting some fans to refer to it as "the taste of your own medicine."

Brief information on the Slashers event in GTA Online


The Slashers event usually generates four distinct bloodthirsty NPCs who attempt to kill the players for no apparent reason. The four Slashers include Driver, Pyscho, Clowns, and SackSlasher. When certain conditions are met, the killers will appear out of nowhere and attack the players. They are armed with a variety of melee weapons and will pursue their prey until one of them is killed.

The four Slashers and their spawn locations are as follows:

  • The Clown - Los Santos
  • The Psycho - Tongva Hills, Vinewood Hills, Great Chaparral
  • The Driver - Redwood Lights Track
  • The SackSlasher - North side of Blaine County

GTA Online Players must meet the following conditions to trigger the event:

  • At least 16 minutes should pass after joining the session.
  • Players should be on foot or in normal vehicles.
  • Players must be present at the spawn locations between 9 PM and 5 AM.

Slashers spawn with massive health, allowing them to withstand multiple gunshots and even explosions. They are also immune to rag-dolling, meaning players cannot kill them by simply pushing them from heights or slopes.

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