How to recreate the Cerberus and Phantom Car in GTA Online

Methods to recreate Apocalypse Cerberus and Phantom Car in GTA Online (Images via Rockstar Games)
Methods to recreate Apocalypse Cerberus and Phantom Car in GTA Online (Images via Rockstar Games)

The Halloween event is currently underway in GTA Online, and players have been encountering the Cerberus truck in the new Cerberus freemode event. The game's atmosphere and missions have taken a spooky turn, and fans are considering purchasing the Cerberus for a more commanding presence.

Some players are also considering purchasing the Phantom Car from last year's Halloween event. While GTA Online provides options to purchase both, they don't fit in with the Halloween theme by default. However, game designer WildBrick142 on Twitter has shared some tips to recreate the event versions of the cars in the game. Players can follow the instructions to make nearly identical versions of both cars.

if anyone is looking to have their own cerberus and phantom car (i don't know if it returns this year!!), here are their full specifications #GTAOnline

Customization options for recreating the Cerberus and Phantom Car in GTA Online


Apocalypse Cerberus is an industrial truck in GTA Online. Players can use it in Arena War game mode as well as free roam. The vehicle can be purchased from the Arena War website for $3,870,300, with a trade price of $2,910,000.


The Cerberus can be customized at the Arena Workshop. To make the standard Cerberus look like the event version, players can apply the following customization options:

  • Primary Color: Matte - Dark Earth
  • Secondary Color: Metals - Brushed Gold
  • Pearlescent Color: Black
  • Wheels Color: Metals - Gold Hidden Pearlescent
  • Trim Color: Graphite
  • Accent Color: Worn - Ice White
  • Livery: Edged Rust
  • Engine: EMS Upgrade, Level 4
  • Brakes: Race Brakes
  • Transmission: Super Transmission
  • Armor: Armor Upgrade 80%
  • Turbo: Turbo Tuning
  • Exhaust: Rusted Piped Exhausts
  • Armor Plating: Reinforced Armor
  • Grille: Durbar Slats
  • Boost: Shunt Boost
  • Ram Weapons: Light Scoop
  • Tires: Bulletproof Tires
  • Tire Smoke: Black Smoke
  • License: Yellow on Black - 71PCE281
  • Xenon Lights: Orange Lights
  • Window Tint: Dark Smoke

Players can also install the 'Jump' and 'Shunt' modifications, which add extra benefits to the vehicle without compromising on its appearance. The Jump option allows players to launch their vehicles into the air for a limited time. It can be useful in crossing barriers and blockades such as bridge walls and dividers in GTA Online.

Phantom Car

The Phantom Car is a specialized version of the Declasse Tornado Custom in GTA Online. The Phantom model includes driverless capabilities (invisible NPC drivers) and custom flame sounds and effects. Players can purchase the Tornado Custom from Benny's Original Motor Works for $375,000 and have it customized in his workshop to look like the Phantom version.


The following options can be selected to make the Tornado Custom resemble the Phantom Car:

  • Primary Color: Classic - Garnet Red
  • Secondary Color: Classic - Garnet Red
  • Pearlescent Color: Black
  • Wheels Color: Default Alloy
  • Trim Color: Graphite
  • Accent Color: Worn - Ice White
  • Livery: None
  • Secondary Livery: None
  • Hydraulics: Ouad Pumps + Panel Color
  • Wheels: Benny’s Originals - OG Hunnets - Chrome Lip - Retro White Wall
  • Toggled Extras: 12 - Dashboard air freshener
  • License: Yellow on Black - EAB__211
  • Xenon Lights: Red Lights
  • Window Smoke: Light Smoke

However, the invisible driver ability and the flame effect cannot be added because there are no options to apply them. Rockstar Games included those features in GTA Online last year when the Phantom variant of the car was released during the Halloween event.

Unlike the Cerberus truck, the Phantom (aka Tornado Custom) serves no purpose in the game other than to cruise around the streets. Players who enjoy collecting cars in GTA Online should definitely get their hands on these iconic vehicles.

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