5 mistakes GTA Online players make when starting out

Five rookie mistakes that GTA Online players should avoid (Image via Rockstar Games)
Five rookie mistakes that GTA Online players should avoid (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online is one of the least user-friendly games. Unlike the story mode, the online version provides no instructions on how to begin one's journey. Gamers are randomly placed on the map with other experienced and inexperienced players, without any guidance on where to go.

As a result, they tend to make some silly mistakes without even realizing them. Although the majority of those cause no significant harm, it is always preferable to be aware and correct them as soon as possible.

This article lists some of the most frequent yet lesser-known GTA Online mistakes.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Beginners’ mistakes in GTA Online that can be avoided

1) Doing sell missions in public lobby


Selling missions in GTA Online is a priority because it provides money for survival in the game. However, selling the stock in the wrong lobbies can be fatal, resulting in a total loss.

Previously, the sale missions were only done in public lobbies. However, following the Criminal Enterprises DLC update, Rockstar has enabled all businesses to operate in Invite Only lobbies. Players can now buy and sell stocks in a secure environment, free of griefers.

Although selling in public lobbies provides additional profits, the risk is not worth taking. Many players are unaware of this and continue to sell their stocks in public lobbies.

2) Buying and selling commodities on random days


GTA Online players have the liberty to buy and sell their commodities at any time. However, experienced players maximize their gaming profits by employing a straightforward strategy.

The game resets every Thursday, bringing new updates and offers. Sometimes the offers include double or triple money benefits, as well as substantial discounts on various items. Therefore, it is best to wait for the weekly update before purchasing or selling items in GTA Online.

In theory, Thursday to Monday is the best time to buy new items and sell larger quantities of stock. Doing the same on Tuesday and Wednesday is also harmless, but there is always the possibility of the product or business receiving offers with the next weekly update.

3) Not doing proper research before buying


It is always important to do some outside research before investing in a product or a business. GTA Online offers a plethora of options, making it difficult for players to decide what and where to buy. The in-game descriptions are insufficient to fully comprehend the product, and they are frequently off-topic.

Therefore, players should always check YouTube videos and other GTA-related websites to fully understand the product. A little research can save a lot of hard-earned money from being wasted, and players can also gain in-depth knowledge about the products.

4) Stealing supplies instead of buying


Businesses in GTA Online must be resupplied, and there are currently two approaches for doing so: buying or stealing.

While stealing supplies appears to be more beneficial on paper as it costs nothing, players forget that they must invest their time in it and bringing those supplies to their businesses.

It may be beneficial to steal supplies early on because most players do not have enough money. However, once they reach level 50 or so, it is convenient to buy supplies and invest the time in other money-making methods.

5) Not utilizing the Casino wheel


The Lucky wheel at the Casino is a useful way to earn money, RP, chips, discounts, free vehicles, and, most infamously, clothing items. New players should visit the Casino at least once every 24 hours to try their luck at winning the listed items.

While winning the podium vehicle is most beneficial, newcomers can also utilize the money and the chips. One chip is worth $1 in the game and it can be exchanged for money in the casino.

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