GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC receives more players than ever

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update has proven to be a succes (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update has proven to be a succes (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online has been in the limelight since the release of The Criminal Enterprises update and it looks like it has succeeded in getting the interest of more players.

Rockstar always tries to bring new players to the game whenever they release a major update for the game. The Criminal Enterprises update has been one of the most ambitious and important updates so far.

According to r/gtaonline, the game has seen a significant increase in active players since the freedom of play in private lobbies, reaching up to 174,316 peak players in 24 hours.

The Criminal Enterprises update boosts GTA Online's flagging player count

The post by r/gtaonline shows the statistics of the game’s player base in the last month, and it seems that people are loving the latest update. According to the report, the game is doing exceptional numbers in terms of player engagement:

  • Playing 19 min ago – 130,081
  • 24-hour peak – 174,316
  • All-time peak – 360,761

During the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing 200,000 players playing Grand Theft Auto Online every day was a common thing as many were engaging with the game. There was no such use of private lobbies in the game.

With The Criminal Enterprises update, players can now hustle and run most of their businesses in GTA Online's private lobbies. This includes the famous Buy/Sell Cargo missions, which can be a lot of hassle to complete in public lobbies. This allows players to complete the necessary jobs in the game without the fear of being griefed or unnecessary obstacles from other players.

The update has proven to be doing wonders for the game and fans are loving the new content as they anxiously await the series' next major title.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is recording a massive number of sales


During the Take-Two Interactive Q1 investor conference, the company announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold a mind-boggling number of 170 copies around the world since its launch in 2013.

A famous GTA insider, Ben, recently posted this on Twitter:

Just in: Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two Interactive, Inc has officially announced during its Q1 2024 investor conference that GRAND THEFT AUTO V has sold over 170 million copies to date.An additional 5 million were sold during the last quarter.#RockstarGames

The news is huge as it shows how successful Grand Theft Auto Online has proven for the game, and ultimately for the franchise itself. The source also reported that the series has sold a total number of 380+ million copies:

The GRAND THEFT AUTO franchise has sold over 380 million copies to date.

It looks like Rockstar has found gold with Grand Theft Auto Online and its regular updates, as is evident by the numbers above. Players can expect bigger updates for the game as they wait for news regarding Grand Theft Auto 6.

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