GTA Online background update fixes one God Mode exploit and reveals new prize rides

There are a few changes of note to mention here (Image via Rockstar Games)
There are a few changes of note to mention here (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Rockstar often releases various background updates in GTA Online, with the current one having brought some interesting fixes of note on August 2, 2022. With that being said, players might be in for a shock with multiple modifications coming their way.

Coupled with that, they can also get their hands on new podium vehicles and prize rides

GTA Online's latest background update: Bug fixes, new podium vehicles and prize rides

Bug fixes

Every now and then, Rockstar tends to slip up and incorporate a hilarious glitch or two into their games. For GTA Online, the most notable bug of them all is the Arena War God Mode exploit that has been circulating on the internet as of late.

For those who don't know, the bug was exceptionally easy to do, as it just involved completing a bookmarked job, which allowed one to abuse God Mode. Players who enjoyed the glitch should know that several of them have been patched in the past, yet more always keep getting discovered. In that regard, this recent background update is just an example of one of them being fixed.

Background update- Patched Arena god mode & Car Merge glitches- Patches delivering Customer Bikes with passive mode on- Fixes a juggernaut spawn bug during "ULP - Cleanup" mission- Fixes a bug with Organization/MC Name- Fixes a bug to do with a seating animation#GTAOnline

The Car Merge glitch is another major fix in this background update, coupled with several other smaller fixes listed above. There have been several Car Merge glitches discovered as of late, so this tweet doesn't specify if all of them or only a few have been fixed.

Either way, the other fixes are considerably more minor by comparison. Nothing about the current Terrorbyte issue is listed here. Apart from that, this background update isn't just about fixes to some notable glitches in GTA Online.

There are also several new Podium vehicles and Prize Rides to detail in the next section.

New podium vehicles and prize rides

New Podium vehicles- Cypher- Rapid GT Classic- Paragon R- Tempesta- CycloneNew Prize Rides- Swinger- Retinue- Club- Osiris- Vagrant- Flash GT#GTAOnline

This tweet covers everything from the new Podium Vehicles to the new Prize Rides. Just for comparison, here is what GTA Online players would normally have to pay just to get these Podium Vehicles:

  • Cypher: $1,550,000 ($1,162,500 at Trade Price)
  • Rapid GT Classic: $885,000
  • Paragon R: $905,000
  • Tempesta: $1,329,000
  • Cyclone: $1,890,000

Similarly, GTA Online players can get vehicles for free via the Prize Ride feature. Here are the costs of those vehicles that will come for nothing with this feature:

  • Swinger: $909,000
  • Retinue: $615,000
  • Club: $1,280,000
  • Osiris: $1,950,000
  • Vagrant: $2,214,000 ($1,660,500 at Trade Price)
  • Flash GT: $1,675,000

Some players might be interested in at least one of these vehicles, so there are some savings to be had for those who participate.

Rockstar disabled the CEO Payphone Hit variant due to a bug.Simeon's Showroom Business Battle is disabled as well due to the new Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom releasing as part of the drip-feed.#GTAOnline

On a related note, the mission, Payphone Hit: CEO, has been disabled. Likewise, Simon's Showroom Business Battle is also defunct, with this tweet also referencing some unreleased content expected to come out in relation to Simeon's Showroom. With that being said, it is currently unknown when Rockstar Games will bring both Payphone Hit: CEO and Simeon's Showroom Business Battle back to GTA Online.

Meanwhile, the other Payphone Hits aren't affected by this recent change.

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