How GTA Online players can get the Pink and Green Wireframe Bodysuits

Players can have their own 3D wireframe model (Image via Rockstar Games)
Players can have their own 3D wireframe model (Image via Rockstar Games)

For a limited time only, GTA Online players can get themselves free wireframe bodysuits.

Sometimes tryhard fans take GTA Online very seriously. They stand out with their military getup, complete with camouflage and bulletproof helmets. For some reason, they also really care about their K/D ratio.

Meanwhile, other players like to fool around in silly costumes. It doesn't matter if they stand out more in a public lobby. This week, GTA Online is giving players a chance to win a free wireframe costume. It's a reliable way to get everybody's attention in this game.

The Pink and Green Wireframe Bodysuits are now free in GTA Online


These costumes wouldn't be out of place in a vaporwave background. Players can definitely have some fun in these wireframe bodysuits. However, they need to kick off this month with some successful deliveries. Here's a quick look at what they need to do this week.

Get the goods through Event Cargo missions


This month will highlight Freemode events, particularly with those involving Business Battles. Nightclub owners will need to steal cargo for their warehouse, via a series of randomized missions. The main objective will be to wait for the cargo to drop somewhere, then bring it back to the Nightclub.

To unlock the wireframe bodysuits, players must take part in the "Event Cargo" mission. There are two different types of bodysuits, which are pink and green. Players will be able to unlock one for each Business Battle, so it will take a minimum of two successful attempts.

Once the goods are delivered, a message will appear on the bottom left side of the screen. GTA Online players will now have a wireframe bodysuit sent to their safehouse. All they have to do is access their wardrobe and find it under "Outfits: Bodysuits." Keep in mind that it will cover the entire body.

Remember, it's only for a limited time

Kick off a month of Freemode Bonuses in GTA Online, starting with Triple Rewards for Business Battles this week, and more:

These are very rare outfits that only show up every now and then. GTA Online players will have to act fast if they want their wireframe bodysuits. The neon colors definitely make them stand out from the pack. Sometimes players just want to mess around with their appearance.

At the very least, Nightclub owners will make some good money through Business Battles. The bodysuits are just a nice little bonus along the way. Players have all week to collect this special outfit.

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