How to do a Business Battle in GTA Online

Yet another profitable business venture in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Yet another profitable business venture in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players don't have to run a Nightclub to participate in Business Battles.

This freemode event was introduced back in the 2018 After Hours update. Players would have to steal and deliver goods for their Nightclub, whether it's hard drugs or counterfeit money. The missions are selected at random, so players will have to stay on the edge of their seats.

Business Battles can be done by any player at any time. They don't have to be apart of a criminal organization. However, CEOs and MC Presidents will greatly benefit from these events. GTA Online players still have a few days to collect some free t-shirts, at no additional cost.

A GTA Online guide on Business Battles


Business Battles will be activated every 15 minutes, just as long as there are three players who aren't doing freemode missions. These GTA Online events will last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. This article will provide a brief overview of these missions.

How it works


GTA Online players will be given instructions on where to find the cargo. Their job is to steal it by any means necessary. However, there are rival organizations who may get involved. If they end up stealing the cargo, players will have to steal it right back from them.

Once the player retrieves the special cargo, they must deliver it to a specific garage. The location depends on whether or not they run a Nightclub:

  • Players with a Nightclub: Take it to a Nightclub Garage
  • Players without a Nightclub: Random garage locations on the map

The mission will fail if the cargo is destroyed or a rival organization steals it. GTA Online players need to make sure that doesn't happen. Business Battles are a good way to make a lot of money, but it requires skill and patience.

Cash rewards


CEOs and Presidents will be given $10,000 for every delivered crate. An extra $500 will be added if the player acts quickly. On a related note, Bodyguards and Associates will have their cash rewards transferred to their bosses instead.

Certain missions also offer higher payouts, such as the UFO Battle. GTA Online players will be given $20,000 for each stolen good, rather than the usual $10,000. However, these are exclusive to Halloween events, making them exceedingly rare.

Mission types


Business Battles have a total of 13 different missions. GTA Online players will have to deal with numerous enemies if they want to retrieve their special cargo. Sometimes players will have to hack into security, while other times they need to break into a heavily guarded truck.

10 of these missions were included in the After Hours update:

  • Car Meet: Steal/recover a vehicle and bring it back to a garage
  • Showroom: Hack a security panel, then take the vehicle back to a garage
  • Assassination: Eliminate targets, retrieve the vehicle, and deliver it to its destination
  • Vehicle Export: Find a truck, blow off the rear door, and steal the goods inside
  • Parked Cars: Look for a parking lot, steal the cargo, and deliver it to a garage
  • Pick-Up: Steal or recover the cargo, then store it in a garage
  • Mercenary/Gang Assault: Go to a specific base, eliminate the mercenaries there, and take back the cargo
  • Merryweather Drop: Eliminate mercenaries, use a flare within the drop zone, then steal the cargo when it arrives
  • Joyrider: Find a random joyrider and steal his vehicle
  • Police Station: Go to a station, find a police laptop, steal the cargo, the lose the cops

Meanwhile, the rest were added to the Los Santos Summer Special:

  • Aircraft Carrier Assault: Steal the cargo from the USS Luxington
  • Factory Raid: Go to a specific location, hack the security panel, then steal the cargo
  • UFO Battle: Go to Fort Zancudo to find Spaceship Parts, then lose the cops

These missions tend to be harder since players will have to deal with mercenaries and military groups. Keep in mind that the UFO Battle is a seasonal event, so it barely shows up. Players will have to rely on other Business Battles instead, since those are fairly consistent.

CEOs and MC Presidents earn free clothes


There are still a few days left to get some free clothes. GTA Online players will be eligible if they complete a Business Battle as a CEO or MC President. Below is the list of shirts they can obtain from this event:

  • Mammoth Tee
  • Black Tint Oversize Shades
  • Street Crimes Logo Tee

GTA Online randomizes which items the player gets. However, they can easily win all three just by completing the Business Battle multiple times. These shirts are very hard to find, which makes them a collector's item. At the very least, players will have a free souvenir.

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