Rockstar makes GTA Online Auto Shop the best thing to own this week (September 21 to September 27)

A brief about the ongoing GTA Online Auto Shop bonuses in GTA Online this week by Rockstar Games (Image via Rockstar Games)
A brief about the ongoing GTA Online Auto Shop bonuses in GTA Online this week by Rockstar Games (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games has just released the latest GTA Online update today, giving massive bonuses to all Auto Shop owners this week. Throughout September 27, 2023, one can earn double cash and RP on various Auto Shop-related activities, including Auto Shop Contracts, Client Jobs, and Exotic Exports. This instantly makes it one of the best businesses to own for the next seven days.

There is also a staggering discount of 40% on GTA Online Auto Shops this week for those who want to make a serious amount of money from the property.

Auto Shops are once again profitable in GTA Online for this week (September 21 to September 27)


The new GTA Online weekly update gives all Auto Shop owners a huge chance to earn money by engaging and completing their favorite business-related activities throughout the week. One can earn around millions just by completing Auto Shop Robberies and delivering vehicles to clients for the next seven days.

Here’s everything players are entitled to as part of the ongoing Auto Shop bonuses:

1) 2x Money and RP - Auto Shop Robberies

GTA Online Auto Shop Robberies or simply Contracts are a series of heist-style missions that have been a part of the game since the Los Santos Tuners update of 2021. The business owners can start these contracts from the Job Board inside the property after completing the necessary Setup: Impounded Car mission.

Here’s a list of Auto Shop Robberies eligible for 2x bonuses this week:

  • The Bank Contract
  • The Data Contract
  • The Superdollar Deal
  • The Prison Contract
  • The Agency Deal
  • The E.C.U. Job
  • The Lost Contract
  • The Union Depository Contract

2) 2x Money and RP - Auto Shop Service

Owning an Auto Shop also gives access to the Auto Shop Service feature, most commonly known as Auto Shop Client Jobs. This allows GTA Online players to earn an extra amount of money by repairing, customizing, and delivering the vehicles of customers submitted to the property from time to time.

3) 2x Money and RP - Exotic Exports

Exotic Exports are also a feature that only Auto Shop owners can access. It allows them to find and deliver 10 different types of vehicles listed on the blackboard found inside the property. These automobiles are marked as blue dots on the map if players are in the range of them.


Auto Shop owners can also win a brand new Grotti Stinger as the podium car this week while waiting for the Grand Theft Auto 6's announcement to come around.

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